How to Create Your Amazing Wedding Photo Album

When your dream wedding is over and the photographer had taken hundreds of amazing photos, you still have something to do: it's time to create the wedding album that holds all the pics of the most unforgettable moments of the big day. Some couples choose to make the photo book as soon as the excitement of the wedding is over, while others wait a couple of weeks to really get used to the new life.

Regardless of which path you pick, you have to keep in mind that organizing the photos isn't a simple task. You have to take into consideration a few things to be able to create the most amazing photo book that you'll want to pick up and go through even after decades of the big event. We prepared you a guide that deals with all the essential steps of making a beautiful wedding photo album.

1. You have a few good options

Probably the easiest thing to do is to select a wedding photo book package from the photographer. However, even though photographers are great at taking the most breathtaking photos of the ceremony, designing an album from start to finish isn't their strong point. Luckily for you, you have other options as well. If you don't want to do it yourself, you can always go to a company to help you from A to Z, such as PikPerfect. The designers are more than happy and really dedicated to make you a custom wedding photo album. You can choose exactly what photos you want, what kind of book you need, and so much more. Everything is in your hands to put together the most awesome album.

2. Go for something creative and unique

Once you've decided on which company will help you create the photo book of your dreams, you still need to start thinking about how it will look. If you can't really think of anything that blows you away instantly, there's no need to panic. You can always look at examples to see how other albums look like to give you a general idea and give you a starting point. Also, recently married family members, acquaintances, colleagues, and of course, friends can become great resources.

You can also ask the photographer for some creative tips. Even if you don't go with the wedding album package the photographer has in store for you, you can still take a look at what he or she offers. You should also research for ideas on the web. Although you can't experience holding and touching the book of photos you're seeing, finding a great cover will become a lot easier.

3. Only the best pictures should make it into the album

Your wedding photo album has to be a collection, a reminder of your favorite moments of the big day; it's that simple. That's why it's really important that you take your time when you look over the images. If you have hundreds of pics, it's a great idea to ask your partner or a good friend to help you pick out the best ones.

If you're one of those couples that wanted to preserve almost every little detail of the event, you can't be surprised that after the wedding day you'll have in front of you close to 1000 images. But don't let that scare you and don't even think about rushing it. Put on your favorite songs, make yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and just start sorting through. Seeing all the unforgettable moments of the wedding will surely put you under the spell again and the whole task will become a real pleasure.

Be sure to include in your album pictures of every important stage of the wedding, such as the preparation, the ceremony, guests arriving, the reception, the kiss, the send-off, and also a lot of behind-the-scenes. Even if you have a few photos that aren't perfect, but really capture the essence of the wedding and are really funny, you can put them into the wedding photo album in a separate category, entitled "Perfect Imperfection". You can really let loose your creativity and do it on your own way. After all, it’s your amazing wedding album.