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5 Ways Sports Benefited from Technology

by Editor (editor) , May 31, 2019

No matter the use, the sports world is obviously taking leaps with technology.

Nowadays, technology is becoming more and more beneficial to everyone. It makes the whole world smaller, connecting people across continents. It is also used for convenience. Shoppers can easily purchase an item while they’re on their pajamas at home. The best thing is, they can also shop for some great deals. Some prime examples are to get more promo code in ZALORA or have more coupons in KLOOK. Consequently, merchants earn better figures from online marketing too.

But besides smart devices and digital marketing, technology has positively impacted the world of sports. We’re not talking about the NBA 2K video game series, nor are we referring to some sci-fi sports action (although with our emerging tech geniuses, that could be a futuristic start).

This data-driven era has improved the fan experience. They are used to protect players. Others are crafted to strategize and streamline the games. No matter the use, the sports world is obviously taking leaps with technology.

Help referees assess the game

Referees get so much hate from fans at every game, especially when there are questionable decisions made in favor of the opposing team. What we fail to see, however, is that referees are humans too. They make mistakes.

Let’s take a moment to think about how tough it must be for the refs to keep tabs on every player at every second. It’s not even easy calling for shots from your couch. You can’t see a clearer view of the situation even after replaying the video over and over again on a crisp internet connection as you get the best deal in TELE2.

To avoid such hate and discrepancies, technology has yet again risen up to the occasion. There are 360-degree cameras and VRs that offer some set of fresh new eyes to both referees and commentators.

They can show new perspectives at different angles. It prevents controversial disputes from both parties and ends arguable discussions from fans.

Provide measurable data

Every sports match is rigged by statistics.

They track every player’s moves and get their statistics in real-time. Now I’m not sure how they do it. It’s possibly a fun mix of complicated tech right here and there. All I know is that they can use these bits of data into better use.

One good example is helping coaches and managers assess their players. Who’s faster, quicker, or more inventive in court can be readily answered by this smart analytics. They can determine areas a player lacks or needs to work on.

Now, many huge sports team are utilizing this tech in gathering and identifying previously immeasurable viewpoints of the game.

Once they can pinpoint areas for improvement, modify their lineups, or tweak their game strategies, it generally simplifies the process of creating a solid team. They become better gaming their own success.

Improve team performance

Have you ever wondered why some of yesteryear’s low ranking groups are today’s unrivaled champions? All thanks to technology. Data analytics supercharge performances.

When managers start using programs and statistics to track players, they can significantly change the course of their team. They can improve their performance; they can claim success.

A technology called EPV (Estimated Possession Value) has made it possible to digest information and point out every player’s strengths and weaknesses. They use advanced cameras that trail every player’s movements.

The captured data is then translated into usable, easily readable formats and plays. This gives a set of unique insights that even seasoned coaches and managers couldn’t have considered. This treasure trove of data is a game changer.

Aids players’ safety

Aside from smart watches, phones, and televisions, there are also smart helmets and sports equipment. These tools have come in handy to increase the level of each player’s safety.

Smart helmets make use of specialized sensors that can assess the level of impact after every blow. The data is then rapidly transmitted to the sidelines where the staff can easily check the player’s condition.

The wonders of smart helmets don’t end there. They also built with magnets that help regulate, disperse, and absorb the impact. It offers an additional safety net and precaution. Players can feel at ease knowing their smart helmets are doing their jobs in ensuring their safety.

Besides helmets, these technologies are being applied to other sports equipment like mouthguards and many more. If you’re into sports, it is critical to have the right gears. There are many items you can find online, but make sure it gives you the maximum protection you need. For a headstart, get more coupons com in Gearbest.

It’s very helpful for players in collision sports. Their kind of sports is risky and could lead to brain damage. But with technology’s advancements, there’s a whole new level of protection as they go out and play in the open.

Enjoy real footage

For the fans, this virtual reality offers a much enjoyable and exhilarating viewing experience. They can truly be in the moment with their idols. Gasp at every toss and turns of the ball. It gets them closer to the game, even on the field.

Imagine having to watch matches straight from your Virtual Reality box. You don’t have to pay a handsome amount for a front row seat. You can enjoy real footage on the game. Think about running lapses with your idol. Pretty cool, huh?

For players, they can practice even harder. They can stretch their abilities by catching a ball in increasing speeds. In virtual reality, you can freely program your game. Be it changing the course or adding new challenges. This way, players will be conditioned in varying game situations and improve their abilities.

For managers or coaches, they can worry less about injuries. They can easily review each training game to assess their player’s condition. It’s a better alternative than the old school training schemes. Again, technology earned its point for convenience.

The Takeaway

Technology has helped the world of sports in many ways. Players are improving and getting better protection in the field. Fans are enjoying better action experiences. Managers and coaches are using better insights in creating a champion team.

As the world continues to evolve with technology, we shall see more of its advancements in sports in the future. How about you? What do you think is the next innovation in sports? Tell us in the comments.

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