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Law: Important Pieces of Advice

by lenardjohnson (writer), , May 30, 2019

4 Important Pieces of Advice That Your Divorce Lawyer Will Provide

You'd rather be talking to one of the family lawyers Newmarket about something along the lines of preparing a will or a medical power of lawyer. Instead, you need the services of a divorce lawyer Newmarket. Whether the split is friendly or if there are some complicating factors, it pays to listen closely to what your lawyer has to say. Here is some of the advice your legal counsel is likely to provide.

Don’t Badmouth the Other Party

Most family lawyers Aurora know the importance of civility in any type of legal situation. That’s certainly true when it comes to seeking a divorce. Expect your divorce lawyer Aurora to urge holding your tongue when it comes to the other party. Say as little about the other person as possible. When you do have to make any type of remark, keep it neutral. The goal is to avoid saying anything that could make the settlement process more complicated.

But Do Tell Your Legal Counsel Everything

While most family lawyers Newmarket will recommend saying very little about the divorce to others, that doesn’t apply to your discussions with the divorce lawyer Aurora. Anything that has a remote chance of affecting the case should be shared. That includes any past or present events that the other party could use to their benefit.

Remember that family lawyers hear all sorts of things from their clients. They don’t shock easily, and your divorce lawyer is not interested in making ethical or moral judgment about anything you’ve done up to this point. Even if you find it a little embarrassing, tell your legal counsel anything that might have some connection to the divorce, even if it’s a remote possibility. This helps your lawyer to be prepared for anything the counsel for the other party may bring up.

Be Mindful of Where You Go and Who You See

With matters like a divorce, many family lawyers Newmarket recommend that clients curtail certain activities until the matter is resolved. This means your divorce lawyer Newmarket may recommend that you stay away from certain venues for a time. It could also mean that you should not be seen in the company of specific people until the divorce is granted.

The issue here is one of propriety. As any of the family lawyers Aurora will explain, where you go and who you’re with could be used against you by the opposing party. By following the advice of your divorce lawyer Aurora and restricting your activities for now, you could avoid quite a bit of difficulty. Since it’s the job of family lawyers to help their clients avoid legal complications, take this advice to heart.

Allow Your Legal Counsel to Take the Lead at Settlement Negotiations

When it’s time to sit down and negotiate with the other party, let your divorce lawyer lead the conversation. If there’s the need to say anything, talk privately with your legal counsel first. Many family lawyers Newmarket find this makes it easier to present a united front and keep the negotiations moving along.

It may be tempting to jump in, especially if the other party is making broad accusations. As family lawyers Aurora often point out, sudden displays of emotion will not help the case. If your divorce lawyer Aurora calmly manages the situation and you remain silent, there’s a better chance of defusing the situation and continuing with the negotiations once the opposing party realizes their effort is not having the desired effect.

You hired a divorce lawyer Newmarket to protect your interests. Cooperate to the best of your ability so that the lawyer can do just that. By taking the advice of your divorce lawyer, things are likely to go smoothly and you can begin thinking about planning the rest of your life. That will likely include using the services of family lawyers in the future for more pleasant tasks.

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