5 Energy Startups Seeking to Redefine the Future of Energy

The future of energy looks quite bright in 2019. One of the biggest issues that have given experts in the world headache is the issue of sustainability in the energy sector. Energy is still very expensive to produce and there is not yet reliable solutions which are renewable. This is why many organizations around the world have been trying to create innovative energy solutions that will finally remove the dependency on non-renewable energy sources. The following is a quick look at some startups that are looking to completely change the future of energy.

1. Breezi

This startup focuses on HVAC systems. There have been many reports over the years that have indicated that heating and cooling systems are some of the most inefficient when it comes to saving energy. With HVAC systems accounting for up to 40% of energy in organizations, a solution to the efficiency challenges is desperately needed. Breezi hopes to ensure that HVAC systems work optimally by changing the method in which filters work. Most HVAC system filters are not properly maintained and they lead to big energy losses.

2. Constructis

There are quite a number of startups that are bringing creative innovative solutions in the energy sector and Constructis is one of them. This startup wants to reclaim as much energy as possible from the kinetic energy produced when driving vehicles. The unusual but sound prospect that the startup has proposed has the potential of reclaiming a big chunk of energy spent by vehicles. When a vehicle is moving, the energy produced by the impact of the tires on the road surface is quite big. Constructis hopes that by increasing the efficiency of their Roadway Energy X (REX) system, they can make the unused energy into proper use.

3. Weave Grid

Another company that is seeking to see the optimal use of energy is Weave Grid. This startup focuses on bringing smart advancements in the EV vehicle charging world. The world has seen an increased use of EV vehicles in recent years. The big shift to these vehicles has had a strain on some grid networks. This is why Weave Grid is trying to take the earliest opportunity to try and use available data to inform EV vehicle users on the best smart solutions. By raising awareness, the company hopes to help clients get the best value and convenience when charging their vehicles.

4. H2GO Power

Energy storage is one of the most challenging things to do. There are not many solutions available for efficiently and securely storing energy. H2GO Power hopes to change all of this. By introducing a reliable hydrogen energy-storing solutions, the startup hopes to bring to the market an affordable method to store and produce energy. Research has shown the hydrogen is one of the most efficient elements when it comes to storing energy in the solid state. H2GO Power thus hopes that their solution will phase out high-pressure cylinders that are inefficient.

5. HST Solar

Solar energy presents one of the sources that have the most potential. Renewable sources of energy have become a priority for most governments around the world and this is the reason why solar energy stocks are growing decently. In the United States, renewable energy has increased by 67 percent in a span of 16 years. HST Solar hopes to tap on the momentum by providing AI solutions to solar power firms. The company has been on the market for nearly five years and it is one of the startups that are totally committed to achieving their goals in the long-term. This startup focuses on coming up with new and improved designs that increase the efficiency of solar energy harvesting. The company also focuses on developing solutions for solar energy harvesting in challenging terrains. The startup has great business prospects too.


There are indeed many startups around the world that are trying to make changes in the energy sector. With an increasing global population that will continue to demand more energy, solutions that are sustainable are needed. The above startups are bringing new approaches to an industry that has not been the focus of institutions for a long time. With the innovative solutions that the startups are providing, the future of energy production, storage, and use is indeed much brighter.