Why hire a Call Center software for my company?

The call center software is a telecommunications service dedicated to companies and freelancers. This system has the function of managing and administering the incoming and outgoing calls of the company, either from customers, suppliers or between employees of the same. It is used by all types of companies in order to manage their telecommunications services dedicated to customer service.

The business communications system is one of the fundamental aspects that companies must take care of, especially if they want to maintain a good reputation abroad, as well as serve the needs and demands of current and potential customers.

Any company that wants to take care of the image it gives to its customers, as well as manage the volume of calls they receive or emit to users, must use a call center software that covers all these needs and is equipped with the latest technology.

Fonvirtual call center software features

Fonvirtual, a company specialized in telecommunications services for companies, has integrated into its services for companies the latest technological innovation in voice calls, the WebRTC.

WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication) is an open source software developed by Google that allows voice calls, video and data transfer over the Internet. The WebRTC applied to this call center software service enables all calls to be made through the network, and therefore, can emit or receive from any device that allows this connection.

Thanks to this, the need to use SIP Trunks, IP phones, large installations for the call center is eliminated, and even the need to invest in offices where agents are present is eliminated, as they can connect from any device connected to the Internet (mobile, tablet, computer ...) and from anywhere in the world.

This allows any company, whether an SME or large companies, can afford this telecommunications service that will help in improving customer management, as well as in optimizing resources and increasing productivity.

Additional functionalities

The call center software also has cloud functionalities, as well as others that allow you to monitor calls and gather information about the people who call us in order to provide a quality and personalized service.

The value-added services offered by Fonvirtual's call center software are as follows:

  • Automated calls. The IVR allows calls to be assigned intelligently thanks to the ACD (Automatic Call Distributor). This is in charge of categorizing and intelligently distributing the calls according to the abilities of the agents, priorities and availability that we have defined in the configuration.
  • Waiting queues. It keeps calls waiting with music while agents are busy with other calls or inactive.
  • Voicemail. This function offers the caller the possibility of leaving a voice message with the reason for their call or informs the agents of the telephone number that could not be answered. This is usually the case when calling outside working hours.
  • Call recording. Allows access to all conversations that have been held by agents. This is an important management tool, as it allows information to be stored on the customer's needs. However, the customer must always know that he is being recorded.
  • Statistics. You can get information of all kinds, from the duration of calls, reports on the number of calls depending on the year, month, days ... As well as know who received the calls, how many calls were missed or how many received.
  • Transcription of calls. You will be able to receive an automatic transcription of the calls via e-mail.

In addition to all this, Fonvirtual's call center adds the figure of the supervisor. The supervisor will be able to interact with the agents while they are attending to the client in order to add information, help in the consultation..., as well as to be part of the conversation, maintaining a call of 3. In addition, the supervisor has a direct chat through which he can interact with any agent when he wants.

What are the benefits of having a call center software with WebRTC in the company?

The innovation of using a call center software with the latest WebRTC technology that does not require new investments, as it does not require installations, IP telephony, or any additional equipment.

You can provide your company with efficiency and intelligence when it comes to managing calls thanks to the ACD Cloud system, which relies on queues, IVR and other functionalities.

On the other hand, agents will have a simple interface through which they will be able to manage calls intuitively, as well as transfer calls to other extensions easily and quickly.

Workers will be able to connect from anywhere and from any device with an Internet connection, which will give more mobility and flexibility when working and answering calls.

Fonvirtual offers secure equipment that works at all times, thanks to the company's experience in the business telecommunications sector.

Another of the benefits of WebRTC in contact center software is reliability. WebRTC has much lower requirements in terms of data consumption and broadband usage than traditional IP telephony. This allows absolute call stability and HD quality.

The opinion of Fonvirtual call center software is that it allows you to optimize resources and increase the productivity of your company. It will offer you the possibility of increasing your business volume, as well as improving the image you give to the outside world.