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Best reasons for applying for a permanent residency in Australia

by Editor (editor) , May 20, 2019

Still, many people jump through all the hoops to reach Australia and here are all the compelling reasons why.

Australia enjoys many luxuries and is, therefore, one of the prime targets for immigration. Some of those luxuries include but are not limited to a high standard of living, balanced lifestyle, strong economy and scenic landscaping. It is a place to begin a beautiful life. The stats confirm this, every year the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection receives thousands of visas. Be those work, family, student-oriented, many are successful, but some will be rejected. Reasons for that are many ranging from the suspicion of fraud or ineligibility. But also, plenty such applications are rejected because of something much less sinister like innocent mistakes, inconsistencies and misunderstandings. The reason being is that applying for a visa of any kind is a complex and a demanding process, easy to mishandle. And they cost money too, so we better do it right the first time. Time is also a factor as it can take six to eight months for the process to come full circle. Still, many people jump through all the hoops to reach Australia and here are all the compelling reasons why.

1. Healthcare

Australia is amongst the top players when it comes to the quality of the medical systems. The cornerstone is the Medicare program, run and controlled by the government. What it does is it provides tax-funded care in public hospitals and subsidizes fees for certain medical services and prescription medications. Most private clinics provide a rebate paid through Medicare and some offer fully free consultation and procedures across Australia. Immunization mainly through vaccines it mandatory and can be taken in both private or bulk billed clinics in most major cities. Anyone that is a permanent resident gains access to Medicare service providers and hospitals. And yes, even women that were not pregnant at the time of getting their application approved are able to use Medicare once they finish with the procedure. There are no waiting periods or additional prerequisites needed.

2. Career opportunities

Just like in many other countries, we do need a valid approval to work in Australia before a company is able to hire us. A relieving factor is that in Australia work visas are much more common compared to other countries. It means that most permanent residents are either on permanent residencies or provisional ones. Companies are allowed to inquire about each and every one of their employees on this subject when applying for a position. It can initially make finding a job in Australia a bit difficult without being a resident. For comparison, certain other countries allow us to apply for positions in local companies. Even with no work permit, if the company wants to hire us, the process of getting a work permit quick and straight forward. Unfortunately, this is not the case for Australia. Getting a work permit is essential and not easy for the company and the employee alike. It can take months for the entire process to come to a conclusion. It is reasonable to assume that for those reasons most Australian companies tend to hire permanent residents. It is always the better choice if in any way, shape or form possible to already be a permanent resident when applying for a job opening. There are plenty of other things permanent residents can do that others cannot. These include but are not limited to: applying for bank loans and a first home owner’s grant, buy businesses and commercial property, start a business, send their children to public education at a subsidized or even free rate, etc. For further information, we can always consult Sydney Migration Agents that specialize in these details.

3. Quality of life

Generally, Australians enjoy a high standard of living. Australians are prosperous relative to the rest of the world. Employment is nearly full with the common exception of frictional unemployment. Interest rates are at a record low. Pollution is also low with a lot of fresh air. Population density is amongst the lowest in the world. A permanent resident has access to a wide variety of higher, world-class education. Student loans, when combined with the aforementioned low-interest rates, make for a compelling academic opportunity for anyone. The financial burden associated with high education is mitigated substantially. Australia is essentially the melting pot of nationalities, cultures and religions. Its rich history of immigration has never shown signs of stopping. Australia is known for welcoming all people from all walks of life. Coexistence is possible in relative peace.

4. Lifestyle

Many are looking to replace the harsh climates of their homelands. In Australia, there are hot summers and relatively mild winters. This can seem attractive for many sun and tan-loving individuals. Weather is not a negligible reason for migrating. Plenty of people for various reasons do not feel at home in their home country because of it. Maybe it is too hot, too cold, humid or dry. Australia’s habitable climate makes for a more active and healthier lifestyle. Daycare and childcare industry is very well developed. It allows people to let go of their worries about keeping their children engaged and under supervision. It offers a lot of breathing space when it comes to free time and most importantly safety, comfort and education for our children. There are plenty of other lifestyle benefits that would take days to go over individually. Australia offers all of them to its permanent residents.

There are plenty of reasons people overseas from all countries of the world are increasingly considering Australia as their prime choice. In this article, we have covered only a very small portion of them. There are more than a few hoops to jump through, formalities and criteria to meet and consider in order to become a permanent resident. The benefits permanent residents enjoy that are listed above are the driving force behind the increasing demand for moving into Australia. It truly is the ultimate destination for any immigrant that is looking to settle down make a dent in the universe and coexist with many people from all around the world.

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