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The Prominent Frameworks For Android App Development

From the discussion, you can now have an idea of how a mobile application development company can facilitate in creating Android apps.

Compared to earlier times there has been a huge transformation today regarding the implementation of rightful strategies of business. The present day enterprises have shifted their focus to mobile apps from desktop websites to attract and retain their targeted audiences. The current trends of the mobile app development industry has undergone a sea change where choosing the right frameworks, a definite development strategy and an appropriate platform have become highly crucial.

An Android mobile application development company incorporates the latest frameworks for building apps so that the users can remain engaged for long. With the passage of time there has been a substantial rise for programming languages with respect to both iOS and Android. The concept of developing cross platform apps has gained huge prominence and for this choosing the best frameworks is to be considered. Using apt frameworks you can smoothly convert an iOS app into Android and vice versa.

Now let us go through some promising farmeworks for developing Android apps which can prove to be essential for developers in the year 2019.

To avail customized mobile app development services for making Android apps you can opt for any one of the following frameworks.

Ionic: This is one of the farmeworks used widely for creating mobile applications. One of the noted advantage is that Ionic comes free of cost. This framework belongs to the client side and it works combining CSS3, Java Script and HTML for creating native based applications. The framework of ionic is compatible with the latest mobile devices. As it includes HTML, hence Hybrid apps can also be built well with this.

React Native: This is another noteworthy framework which is cross platform in nature. It has been launched by the king of social media-Facebook in the year 2013. This famework is also open source in nature and can be used for native app development with respect to iOS and Android platforms. For creating web apps you can opt for React and for mobile you can choose React Native.

Xamarin: This framework has been launched by Microsoft-one of the leading software players in the world. C# is used here to develop purposeful apps for Android. Using Xamarin codes can be shared with the help of Mac OS and Windows.

Flutter: This is undoubtedly an ace framework which is mainly used for creating Hybrid apps. For developing visuals it uses the 2D rendering engine known as Skia. With Flutter you can test your project easily. Also if there is any mistake you need not restart your project.

Mobile Angular UI: This is another top notch farmework which includes blending of both Angular and Bootstrap. It helps in making the process of app development simplified and facilitates in creating apps with HTML5. This is a free framework and the developers working with it use overthrow.js, fastclick.js to offer seamless experience.

Intel XDK: With the presence of plugins you can create meaningful apps with this cross platform framework for mobile application development. Both interactive and responsive apps for all devices can be developed with Intel XDK. Apart from creating apps, it’s use can ease the task of emulation, testing and debugging. Popular frameworks such as Node.js and futuristic technologies like IoT are well supported by it.

For making any changes, you can avail the advantage to preview your project live. Even if you get unwanted codes you still can get the option of drag and drop features for your desired app development.

Jquery Mobile: This is another reputed framework based on HTML5. But what makes it unique is that it runs across all devices using single version of the code. With this framework you can get ample support for diverse operating systems- Firefox, Windows, Mac etc. Jquery comes in two variants-latest stable version and customized framework. This indicates its popularity and demand for developing apps by combining plugins.

Corona SDK: Compared to other frameworks used for mobile app development, Corona SDK is 10 times quicker. It is supported by Lua, which is a light language used for programming purpose. Using this you can create apps easily and quickly and can ensure flexibility in the process of development.

So, if you are proficient in coding you can go ahead using Corona SDK. With no compromise on quality, it comes free of cost and is well supported by both Mac and Windows.

Conclusion: From the above discussion you can now have an idea how a mobile application development company can facilitate in creating Android apps. Based upon your requirements and the nature of your business you can opt for any one of the frameworks mentioned above. Each has its own advantges which can contribute in making distinctive and engaging applications for the targeted users.

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