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6 Personalization Techniques That Will Boost Your Conversion Rate

by Editor (editor), , April 26, 2019

Personalization is the first key for boosting conversion. Let’s study some statistics from Econsultancy to prove it:

Personalized marketing has lead to conversions growth in 93% companies surveyed;

The same has turned out for almost 95% of the websites;

Significant difference was mentioned by 90% companies respondents after personalization of their emails.

But, we should be honest and confess that there were those who felt no changes, or they were so small that could be hardly mentioned.

Why it is so?

The point here is not in doing the conversion, but doing it correctly. Personalization is a difficult science and almost 40% confessed it was a challenge for them.

Main trick here is being focused on the client, to give him relevant experience. All the problems could arise from wrong perception of it as “doing some magic” with conversions.

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We have prepared 6 the most prominent methods how to work on personalization and, as a result, get higher conversion rates.

Make a copy based on your referral source

Every time the person drops into your website after clicking on person of influence link or ad, he or she gets into standard impersonal landing page with products and offers. The person gets lost and has no clue what to do next. As a result, there will be no interest from visitor’s side, and he will skip you.

Solution: adapt your pages according to the source of newcomer. You can mention the products the referral is interested in or some his opinion about the things you offer. Banners, pop-ups and headings can serve you a lot.

Show different dynamic content in correlation with the time of visiting

Night or day themes is a good idea, but it is not enough to turn a visitor into a client, to tell the truth. It would be perfect to adapt your pages for special holidays. Restaurants can create special banners for encouraging ordering a table on St. Valentine’s Day.

Dynamic approach can be used to replace non-working parts. There is no need to show your work phone at night hours - offer your visitors to leave you a short message via a message for. Thus, you give an option to say how interested you are, but don’t give valueless promises.

Different devices deserve different presentation

Adaptation for mobile devices is just a part of success that cannot improve your conversions by itself. There are more variants to offer:

signing up via different networks, like Facebook;

add an option “Click-to-Call”.

Ad creatives can be also dynamically personalized

There is no doubt that personalized advertising is still a challenge for many businesses. There is some information how it can be done: your ad should be personalized according to every visitor’s story of visits or shopping from you. It is of great importance if you are involved in electronic business.

Such ads will remind about not ordered goods in the carts and it will help to attract attention to you again. Website traffic will increase as well.

Different personalizations relevant to number of visits

The concept here is simple: there are products that may tempt newcomers, or offer something interesting to those who have already been at your place according to their previous interaction with the website. Examples: price lowering, new relevant transactions etc.

Geographical personalization can be implemented for improving the experience

If you have good offers, mind, that some of them may not suit your customers depending on geographical position. It doesn’t make them bad, but you should offer something different, more relevant in this case.

Ads, offers and creativity related to the region of your visitor will have bigger effect than mass attack on all the traffic. You will be appreciated for attention and higher level of service provided. As a result, the conversion will grow, too.

As you see, even these examples help to organize personalized and relevant experience to each client. The more accurate you are with your message, the higher the chance of applying to you will be.

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