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Boost Business Revenue with An Email Automation Funnel

by Editor (editor), , April 10, 2019

Do you want to boost business revenue with the help of an email automation tool? Yes? Then, this post is for you.

If your contacts are just aimlessly moving around your marketing database, then you have to think about it. The remedy is that you must create an email automation funnel. As a result, you could grab some great opportunities in terms of engaging and nurturing your existing customers.

What are the requirements of an Email Automation Funnel?

An interesting fact is that companies that make use of marketing automation for nurturing their leads get a 451% enhancement in qualified leads.

However, email automation is not only used for the purpose of lead nurturing but it’s also a great means for contacting all those people who have already purchased your products and/or services.

Moreover, email automation funnel will help you in various encouraging activities, including top-notch product adoption, additional purchases etc. It works by personalizing emails that are triggered by various touchpoints in the entire journey of your customers.

How to set up Email Automation Funnels?

If you want to design incredible email automation funnels, you need to mandatorily take help of automation software. Nowadays, a number of providers are available, come with various features and functionalities. That’s why it’s very important to review and compare their products first before making your purchasing decision.

Most of these email automation software would help you in creating automated, personalized email funnels that can trigger in different ways. When somebody views a particular page on your website, clicks on an advertisement subscribes to your email list etc, the email funnels (created by the above email automation software) would be triggered.

You can also create email automation funnel with data pieces that you have collected about your customers and prospects, including gender, age, content downloads, geolocation, transaction history, and so forth.

Whenever email marketing strategies are combined with automation, you can expect to create funnels that will generate great sales and profits even while you’re not active. Yes, that’s true!

Actually, the concept of automated emails is not straightforward that it might seem. Undoubtedly, email funnels are powerful- at least various case studies support the same. Automation is no longer an optional procedure today- it becomes mandatory. Moreover, Funnel Analysisis also essential in each and every step of email automation funnel creation.

But, you have to undergo a lot of stoppages before you start creating a funnel for conversions. First, you should solve the following questions:

  • What the number of emails that you should send?
  • What should you include in your every email?
  • How will you inspire your leads to buy?
  • Will you send personalized emails to each of your contacts?

Your contacts like to know more about your offerings (products and/or services). According to a survey, 91% of people liked to receive promotional emails from companies with whom they do business.

There’s no doubt that emails can greatly boost your business. Emails are a lot more effective than social media. So, if you think that emails are things of past days, you’re completely wrong. So, if you want to grow your business, you have to take help of email automation funnels.

Moreover, you can easily track your emails. You can analyze your ROI against your investment, figure out each and every action your subscriber takes, and update your marketing strategies accordingly.

How to Segment Your Email Funnels?

Drop the idea of sending generic emails today. Not all your contacts need the same thing from your business. It’s the era of personalization. You have to analyze the behavior and activities of each of your customers and prospects and prepare your marketing emails accordingly.

It’s where the concept of segmentation comes into the picture. Segmentation is nothing but a procedure through which you can divide your vast email list into different categories, depending on your collected information about your contacts. Segmentation is a key reason behind the power of email marketing.

Remember, with the help of emails, you could collect a large amount of information about your contacts that you can better analyze the traits, activities, and behavior of your customers and prospects.

You can even track which of your contacts has opened your emails or which of the links they have clicked on or where they are present in the world.

In simple words, you can find out their demographic information, purchase history, and so forth. Remember, each and every factor will help you in creating a segment.

While you start contacting and interacting with a narrower segment of contacts, you can understand their problems clearly and address their pain points more specifically. That’s why you need to take help of segmentation in each of the steps of email automation funnel creation. Thus you can make sure of increased email open rates and clickthroughs. The result is more and more customers.

So, what should be the criteria for segmentation?

You can’t just start using any criteria. Take help of segmentation when you’re dealing with contacts with different attitudes, requirements, activities, and behaviors.

Wrapping Up

With the advancements of tools and technologies, it has become easier for businesses to contacting their leads. But, when it comes to interacting with different kinds of people, catering for different needs, or encouraging prospects with different attitudes, automation is really a rescuer.

So, follow the aforementioned tips and create a brilliant email automation funnel today to increase your business revenue.

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