Fun ways to spice up your love life

Whether you’ve been dating or married for some time, or simply want to try something a little risky and new, changing things up in the bedroom (and beyond) is a great way to keep your relationship fresh and exciting. Even if it really doesn’t work out and you simply end up in tears of laughter, giving it a go is half the fun! Here we take a look at a few ideas to help you spice up your love life and fan those romantic flames.

Bring the romance back

If you’ve been living together for some time, it becomes all too easy to start taking your partner for granted and fall into a domestic routine. The single best way to reconnect and rekindle that old spark is to act like you're still in the courting phase, trying to woo and impress your partner to win them over and laying the romantic gestures on thick. You could try recreating your very first date, or simply dressing up and going out to a slightly fancier place than you would normally. Taking a dance or cooking class is another excellent way to rekindle the romance – or even leaving little love notes around the house or somewhere your partner can stumble across them and have their day instantly brightened for them.

Do a little sexy shopping

Most of us are far too shy and awkward to venture into a sex shop on our own – but with your partner by your side, it’s a lot easier to pluck up the courage! You could make the journey a surprise or plan ahead or save yourself the potential embarrassment of running into someone you know (cringe!) by taking your excursion online. Websites like the Allure Sensuality Emporium are a great place to start, with a tantalizing variety of toys and assorted goodies to get the creative juices flowing, so to speak!

Try a little role-play

Everyone’s got at least one naughty fantasy they’ve always wanted to act out and asking your partner to help you explore yours can be a great way to change things up. You're guaranteed to learn more about each other, and even if you only end up in stitches laughing when your carefully choreographed routine falls to pieces, it will be an experience you’ll both remember fondly for years to come! Dressing up (or down), reenacting a scene from one of your favorite films (X-rated or not), putting on an accent and setting the scene all make for one very different kind of encounter.

Do it somewhere different, or even somewhere you really shouldn’t

If sex is something that only ever happens in the bedroom with the lights out, change things up by moving the action into another room – the kitchen, bathroom, heck, even the hallway might all be potential candidates. Not only does this spice things up now, but it creates memories and associations that could have you two snickering the next time guests come around!

If this has you feeling even more adventurous, you could try taking things outside of the house altogether. While you don’t necessarily have to take things all the way, darkened movie theaters, a parked car at that notorious lookout point, the bathrooms at that nice restaurant you both like, or even the garden might make unusual venues to ratchet the excitement up a notch.

Make a game out of it

The internet, God bless it, is full of exciting kinky challenges you and your partner could try. You could go the more traditional route of something like strip poker (or a strip version of any of your favorite board games for that matter) or set your own rules and invent your very own naughty diversion. Naturally, the most exciting part of having a strict set of rules is getting to break them… although there may of course be consequences for your actions!

Break out of the routine

Life inevitably means we fall into a pattern of standard behavior, and the daily grind of working life can get even the closest couple down. Try and shake things up every now and then, getting a babysitter in if you have kids, taking a quick, affordable weekend break somewhere close so you can spend time alone together, or just going out to the movies instead of plopping in front of the TV every night. Dress up for no reason, make the effort to compliment your partner often, touch and hug more, and focus all your attention on them every now and again. It’s sure to put you both in the mood for something a little friskier!