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3 Florentine Festivals You Can't Miss

by Chrish (editor), , April 09, 2019

If you wish you can also click pictures so that you can show it to your friends.

So you’re planning a trip to picturesque Florence but you’re not exactly sure when you want to go. Well, why not tie your visit in with one of the city’s incredible festivals to make your holiday extra special and an entirely unique experience. There are plenty of celebrations taking place throughout the year, from religious festivals to gastronomical events, just waiting for you to take part. Here are 3 must-see festivals that you can get involved in over the course of the year.

The flowers that you will get to see will impress you and this is the reason there are more and more visitors to view amazing flowers. You can plan it with your family or friends so that you can enjoy to the fullest. So, take out some time from your busy schedule and attain the festival to see beautiful flowers. You will get to see so many variety that you will be totally taken by surprise. If you wish you can also click pictures so that you can show it to your friends.

Scoppio del Carro

Every Easter Sunday at 11am the city of Florence ignites and explodes a 17th century cart adorned with fireworks in front of the iconic Piazza Duomo. The 20-minute firework show is accompanied by a lively array of musical performers, trumpeters and flag throwers. The starring moment of the festival sees a dove-shaped rocket, which has been tied to the Duomo’s altar, fly towards the cart and set it alight. Rumour has it, if the dove doesn’t make it back to the altar the city won’t be guaranteed a good harvest for the year to come! If you're looking to be at the heart of all the action, why not book a luxury room of Hotel Brunelleschi? It's situated just a few hundred metres from the breathtaking square and array of other stunning sights Florence has to offer.

Gelato Festival Firenze

If you’re heading to Florence then you must try the city’s famous gelato. What’s more, Florence is so proud of its ice cream that it has now started to hold its own gelato festival every single year. The Gelato Festival Firenze takes place around the beginning of April and features some of Italy’s best gelato chefs whipping up a host of delicious flavours for the crowds. They’ll also be on hand to put on demonstrations and teach you exactly how real Italian gelato is made.


Another must-see if you’re lucky enough to be enjoying an early summer break in Florence is the celebration paying tribute to Saint John the Baptist — the patron saint of the city. On June 24, crowds gather to watch a vibrant parade from Piazza Santa Maria Novella to Piazza Santa Croce. Then, in the late afternoon, a historic sports match known as CalcioStorico takes place. The match (which is a mixture of football, rugby, and wrestling) is contested by teams from four different neighbourhoods in the city and commemorates the moment a group of soldiers played after they became trapped there in 1530. The competitors all dress in 16th century costumes before they take to the field.

Those who love flowers for them this festival is like a blessing and they can have the best time of their lives. Each flower is different from the other and there are different colours that you will get to see. Near each flower all the details about it are mentioned so you can read it and you can get to know more about it. Read it and understand all about that specific flower. Once you will visit this festival you will take back sweet memories. If you wish to see many flowers you can consult the person who will help you to visit all the flowers festivals. The person might charge pretty ok but then you will be able to get chance to see many flowers of different categories.

Lots of people have already booked for the best flower festivals and those who have already seen the flowers were just mesmerised with its beauty. If your kids are also fond of flowers you can also take them along so that they can also get chance to see these beautiful flowers. In case if you wish to visit again you can do that as well. The variety that you will see will make you happy and you will always remember it for sure.

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