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How You Can Start Planning Your Wedding?

by Editor (editor), , April 05, 2019

Listing a few easy steps with which you can start planning your wedding:

The wedding is the most beautiful beginning of a new phase with the love of your life. And for something so beautiful to be organised perfectly, you need to plan it very carefully. Unfortunately, many couples don’t know where to begin. But no worries as we have got your back and are listing a few easy steps with which you can start planning your wedding:

1. Enjoy the courtship period

Yes, the first thing is to enjoy the courtship period. Don’t just rush into things. Enjoy the little moments. Go out for just contemplating all the amazing things ahead of you. You won’t get this time back. So enjoy these moments.

2. Get a journal and use it

The journal will help you in keeping track of a lot of things. You want to write those special moments and even the thing you want for your wedding in it. This will give you the idea too about how different things altogether will make up for a perfect wedding. From ideas to the contact list of different vendors, you can pen down anything and everything. You can cherish it years after this event too.

3. Set the date

Of course, by now you already have a date scheduled for your wedding. As per Indian traditions, we have certain auspicious dates which are fixed by priests. They check the horoscope of the to-be-bride and groom and then determine the date based on it. So set a date before making any progress on planning.

4. Set the tone or the mood of the event

How do you want your wedding to be? Do you want it to be a formal wedding or a casual affair or you want to go with some quirky theme wedding? Do you want it to be a traditional wedding or not? sit down with your partner and discuss this. You can discuss the idea of how each of you envisions the wedding ceremony. Be particular with the adjectives you write here as they will help you in setting the tone.

5. Plan the budget

The next obvious step is to plan the budget. You can discuss this together with your parents and even ask them whether they want to contribute to your wedding. You can ask about the details about how much they want to pay or what specific things they would like to pay.

You have to decide it with your partner too that how they want the wedding to be. Discuss with them and decide accordingly. You have to keep something for your honeymoon too if you are planning one.

6. Find a venue for the wedding ceremony

Venues need to be booked in advance so as soon as you have got your wedding date fixed, go out four hunting ideal venue for your wedding ceremony.

7. Place the order of the wedding invitations

Next is to place the order of the wedding invitations. But before that decide how you want your Indian wedding cards to be. From its material to its design, from the font to the colour, there are so many things you have to decide upon while choosing the right invitations for your wedding.

These are some of the steps from where you can start your wedding planning. They need a lot of planning and active discussion and hence need to be accomplished as soon as you decide to get married.

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