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Becoming an event rockstar- how to choose perfect event venue

by Editor (editor) , April 04, 2019

What factors should be considered when choosing a venue.

Luckily the days when in order to find a perfect venue for an event you had to go around whole city and check out all the spots are foregone and now you can do it simply by doing a sound research on Google maps. However, it is still very easy to get fooled, choose inappropriate or overrated place and grin and bear it to make an event work when serving shrimp cocktails in old dilapidated warehouse. So what factors should be considered when choosing a venue?

3 factors to consider when choosing a venue for an event

Location is the key

Nobody likes to waste their time commuting so the location is the key. If you want good turnout on an event you have to take into consideration where the attendees will be coming from. Making for them getting on the spot the easiest and quickest possible is crucial. It is good then to choose accessible place in the center well-served by public transport.

Not overcrowded but not half empty

To make your event perfect you have to do some size estimations of your event. I guess you don’t want to end up squeezing in 2000 people in a room for 1000. But nevertheless you don’t want to see half empty place either (cause the whole event may look as a flop). Define whether you event is a conference, seminar, cocktail party or a banquet and think how big venue you need.

Benefits for your guests

When choosing a venue one of the foremost factor is the offer of benefits the venue provides which you can then use to make your event more attractive. You should check out the venue considering its facilities, catering options, multimedia setups and parking spots and their accessibility. Looking at these will save you a lot of stress, time and money. Also, take into consideration the restrictions that the venue may impose on decorations, food or alcohol.

Perfect event venues in Poland

The most popular city for all events is obviously Warszawa as a capital and the biggest city and the possessor of two airports (however I would argue about Modlin Airport being actually in Warszawa…). But there are other interesting cities with airport, good public transport and awesome venues to consider which actually can came out as a pretty good bargain.

One example may be Kraków with its beautiful old city, Jewish district full of great bistros and a great event venue - Congress Center in Kraków It is situated in a place well served by public transport, provides parking spots, huge space, a restaurant, seminar rooms and far more. And definitely fulfills all the requirements of a perfect event venue ;)

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