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3 High Tech Experiences to try in 2019

by Chrish (editor), , April 03, 2019

Each activity can be used as a team building activity for yourself and your coworkers.

Guys, its officially common knowledge that we’re living in the most impressive tech era yet. CES has transformed from a research community into a trendy, cool conference for young techies and influencers alike; just ask Esquire. After all, it is 2019. I mean come on, Marty Mcfly claimed we’d have flying cars by now. We’re not quite there yet but we do have some amazing high tech experiences that you should try out with friends, family, or coworkers. Each experience listed enables players to use virtual reality in a fun, social setting. Beyond that, each activity can be used as a team building activity for yourself and your coworkers. Fun, entertaining experiences provide new and meaningful ways to bond as a team and also to expose one another’s strengths and weaknesses in a lower pressure setting than a normal work environment.

Top golf is a super cool experience for golfers and non-golfers alike. They have locations all over the country, spanning from the bay area to the east coast, and provide players, friends, and coworkers with a fun way to experience golf without actually having to drive acres or wait for other groups to finish up their turn on a hole. They have beer buckets and virtual reality tee offs; honestly what more could you want? Check the website to find location specific details, such as happy hours, family tee time, special holiday and promotional deals, and more. You can also book out the entire venue or specific sections if you’d like to host a birthday party or larger scale work event. Each location has many separate lanes, a full bar, and serves a variety of food to fit all dietary needs.

Reason is a high tech escape room with virtual reality components and other fun tech toys to keep players entertained as they work to beat the clock. Aliens and nuclear reactors form futuristic storylines for this sci-fi escape. Reason is in the heart of all things tech, located in downtown San Francisco, with two fully built escape rooms for players to try in large or small groups. The space can accommodate groups as small as 5 people or host events for 150+. They can also host themed events, like corporate gatherings or birthdays. They even had a marriage proposal happen this spring! Reach out to them to create a custom experience for yourself and your group.

Zero latency is another amazing virtual reality experience. They have some super cool storylines, from zombies to underwater world building. Players are fully immersed in the storyline and actions feel insanely real, despite being virtually carried out. There are also multiple different stories for each type of game, so you can always go back for more adventure! They have zombie adventures, apocalyptic stories, extraterrestrial plots and several other iterations of classic sci fi scenarios. They also have multiple locations across the nation for exploration of different virtual reality team experiences.

There are so many more wonderful high tech experiences in so many locations across the nation. Virtual reality is becoming much more accessible, with virtual reality cafes and other amusement experiences popping up all over the place. Get out there and try something new with coworkers, friends, and family! You’ll be surprised how engaging and exciting an adventure can be, even if you never actually leave the room. Explore your city’s own offerings from escape rooms to virtual reality experiences and more. Maybe we don’t have flying cars quite yet, but we have team building experiences that take place on virtual galaxies far, far away. If you ask me, that is way cooler.

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