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How to Find a Good Lawyer in Tampa Florida

by Editor (editor), , April 01, 2019

This can help you create a list and then narrow it down until you find the right candidate.

If you're looking for a lawyer in Tampa, Florida, you'll want to take many factors into account before you hire someone. This includes the kind of case you have as well as the type of lawyer you prefer. Using varied resources can help you locate the right lawyer for your needs. It's a good idea to consider contacting the local bar association as well as examining social media reviews. This can help you create a list and then narrow it down until you find the right candidate.

Bar Association

All those who want to practice law in Florida must pass the Florida bar exam. This exam is designed to test their legal knowledge and understanding of legal practice. It's also designed to indicate this person meets all necessary standards for any legal assistance. People are only allowed to take the bar exam if they are of good moral character. Contacting the bar association can help you find possible candidates to take your case. Officials at the bar association can help you determine if a given Tampa lawyer has what it takes to do the job you want.

Educational Background

Another factor to think about is the person's legal background. Florida is home to nearly a dozen law schools. Students can enter the school with varied backgrounds. Some may have studied pre-law while others may have majored in other subjects such as a psychology. A lawyer may have chosen to relocate to Florida from another state in order to set up practice here. It's best to find out about the person's educational background before making a decision. For example, if a lawyer has experience with real estate or a background in education as well as law, this can be a huge asset.


Some lawyers choose to work as generalists. They may see dozens of different cases in a given year. Others may choose to work in a specific area of law such as William Hanlon Tampa Criminal Attorney . Think about the focus of the case. If you are getting a divorce, having a lawyer who works with such cases all the time means hiring someone with experience in that area. If you have a criminal case, working with a lawyer who works with criminal cases all the time is crucial. A good lawyer with the right specialty can help you get the results you want best.

Social Media Reviews

While basic legal information is helpful, it can also be helpful to look up other sources of information. Social media can help you see how the lawyer has helped others with similar cases. Many social media outlets offer detailed profiles of a given legal candidate. They might express happiness at how the lawyer handled all aspects of the case. They might also indicate that there may have been some problems with the lawyer's response. Carefully examining social media profiles can help you decide if this person is right for you or you might want to consider another candidate.

Years in Practice

It's also a good idea to think about the number of years the lawyer has been in practice. For example, one lawyer may be fresh out of school. In that case, they might be up on the latest in legal cases and new forms of technology as well as how they apply in your case. In other instance, the lawyer may have years of practice in a given area of the law. Both backgrounds have much to offer the client. Having a fresh, new approach can be great use. The same is true of having many years of legal experience.

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