7 Ways online games can boost your creativity

Online games have become part of our life. As online and video games are various, the opinions about them also differs a lot. Some call it a waste of time and emphasize the negative effect on minors as well as adults, who spend a lot of time playing. However, many are now concentrated on the positive effect of online games. According to BBC, online games help gamers in many different ways, including having quality communication with society. Some scientists even claim that playing online games can help people overcome anxiety, and can be used as a pain reliever. That’s not it, playing games also can boost your creativity for different reasons.

Creativity is something rather abstract, one cannot really claim the direct correlation between certain activities and creativity. However, there are things that help you understand, see and analyze things better, which help you boost your creativity.

Games can improve eyesight

Certain games, that require a lot of attention from the player can help you improve your eyesight. Hence, if you love action games, you might have better eyesight than others. According to the study, such games help gamers have a better “contrast sensitivity function.” It is the ability to recognize and pick up bright patches and see the changes in the brightness of an image.

Online games make you smarter

Games, where you need to make decisions, can increase your brain flexibility which is a cornerstone of human intelligence. The more flexible brain also helps you be more creative as creativity is about solving some problems and creating solutions. In online games that require constrant decision making is like a cognitive and psychological exercise for your brain.

Fantasy world helps you daydream more

Daydreaming can be considered a key part of creativity. Those who daydream are more creative simply because they allow themselves to be tangled in the thoughts without any particular direction. Playing fantasy online games like the ones that can be found on fantasino takes you into the fantasy world with different characters, colors, sets and etc. This helps you get away from the everyday world and give your brain space to wander in a non-existent world and feed your creativity.

Playing games improves memory

It is considered that playing online games on a daily basis slows down the aging process. The game is like an exercise for your memory. Does not matter what kind of game you are playing you will need good audio and visual memory to be good in it. If you do not have those, do not worry, the game will help you exercise these skills while you are playing. A good memory will also help you be more creative, as sometimes creativity is nothing more than summing up things that you remember.

You can improve your problem-solving skills

Playing online slots or video games increases your problem-solving skills, it does not only help you win money or simply be a winner in your game but also in real life. As I have mentioned, a big part of creativity is finding new ways to solve a problem. This is why playing online games can be very beneficial for boosting your creativity. According to survey reported by Forbes, 33 percent of gamers have said that playing online games have inspired their careers in arts, history, and science, which require a lot of creative work.

Playing improves your concentration abilities

When playing online slots or games you need to be concentrated on what you are doing at the moment. Today when there are a lot of distractors out there, sometimes you can struggle to concentrate on one task or work you do. Playing helps you be more concentrated and teaches you how to stay focused on one thing. Having better concentration skills help you be more creative since you are focused on your thoughts.

You are getting better in multitasking

You might find it contradictory that playing online games helps you be more focused and at the same time makes your multitasking abilities better. But it is not contradictory at all. When playing you need to pay attention to several things and still stay focused on a certain action. This together helps you develop better cognitive skills. Creativity is something that has a lot of different sides, better multitasking, as well as concentration, benefits your creativity in different ways.

These skills together help you be more creative in everything you do. While playing online games you get better visual, audio and cognitive skills. You get better in seeing things and connecting them to each other. This is what creativity is all about. Therefore, if you are one of those people, who consider online games waste of time, it is time to look at it in a different way.