7 Reasons Why More and More Engaged Couples Opt for Outdoor Weddings

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The wedding ceremony is a complex event to organize, so it is no wonder that more and more couples hire professional agencies to take care of business for them. However, when it comes to the decision-making process, couples are the ones who need to have the last say in everything. Wedding planners can, for instance, arrange catering and music, but you are the ones who have to decide whether you will have an indoor or an outdoor wedding.

Even when it comes to such simple decisions, couples tend to have rows because they have different wishes. Besides learning to discuss everything together, which will prove as a valuable skill in marriage, you two need to sit down and think about all the pros and cons of an indoor, i.e. outdoor wedding ceremony. This is an intimate decision but if you still want to know what the trends are, then it must be said that outdoors weddings are more popular. There are several reasons why this is so and only by carefully going through all of them can you reach the right decision for your ceremony.

1. An open field

Some might argue that an outdoor wedding means that you and your guests will be left at the mercy of the elements but everyone knows how to read the weather forecast. Being out in the open has a positive side to it, as outdoor weddings have unlimited space for planning the ceremony. Unlike banquet halls, where room is limited, an open wedding venue can cater to the needs of as many guests as you like. This is even possible in case of a small-scale wedding, as a romantic cove on the Pacific shoreline can be an ideal setting for just a dozen of your closest friends and family to gather together. In terms of size, an outdoor wedding is literally open for all possibilities.

2. Children friendly

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It was probably clear from the start, but children are going to love all that open space to run around. If a lot of your friends have kids or you yourself have a toddler, then an outdoor wedding is much more suited for their entertainment. You can just let them run around freely without having to worry that they will break or knock something down, and being in nature will allow them to play further away from adults.

3. Lower costs

In reality, an indoor venue usually implies that a hospitality service will offer their services and try to force them on you even if you refuse to hire them. This is because halls have an owner that you need to pay to and these owners already know people whom they want to help make a profit. This can be something as benign as a hotel clerk advising you to hire their friend for photos, but in general, once you enter a closed space, money will start leaving your pocket fast. On the contrary, depending on the available options as well as where you live, an outdoor wedding could mean that you don’t have to pay a single cent for the venue, if you know how to be resourceful.

4. Cheaper decorations

Another logical outcome of choosing to get wed outside in nature is the lack of the need to heavily decorate the area. There are no walls to adorn with ribbons, as trees are the only decoration holders that can be found in the area. Of course, we are not advocating that you do not decorate the cake or the chairs as these decorations are mandatory for both spaces, but we are rather promulgating the fact that, quite obviously, air cannot be decorated, which means you will save money.

5. Getting organizational cold feet

We spoke about open space that is ideal for creativity, but not all people like being forced to be creative. This shouldn’t move the venue back indoors if the couple is unsure how to go about an outdoor wedding but rather they should ask for some professional help. For example, there is nothing more romantic than getting married on a beach but this location is uncharted territory for many people, especially if they are flying out to some far away exotic destination, like Australia, to exchange vows. This is where reliable local wedding planners come into play, such as Northern Beaches Weddings & Events if you are planning a ceremony on one of Sydney’s beaches. They will take care of all the particularities that a beach wedding entails.

6. Memorable photos

Image source: Unsplash.com

Since you are going to choose the time of the day the ceremony will take place, you are bound to choose either late morning or late afternoon. This is because of two things: the romantic feel and the natural light that your wedding photographer will use to the best. Any good photographer will tell you that natural light is much better than any artificial source of light and an outdoor wedding has plenty of it, especially because it takes place during parts of the day when the sun is at its brightest. Professional photographers will use several different angles to shoot the wedding from and there could be a drone up in the air filming the whole event.

7. The scenery

Finally, having spoken about children’s and photographers’ needs, an outdoor wedding is really there for you as the newlyweds. You can choose any location you like on the planet and say “yes” against any natural or urban backdrop you wish. This is something that an indoor wedding could never offer, as decorations could at best be deemed “nice,” but an ocean-side ceremony can be stunning and memorable. This is the moment you will cherish your entire life, so there is no reason to associate it with a dim and stuffy indoor atmosphere.

In conclusion

The 7 reasons listed here are just the tip of the iceberg why more and more couples are opting for outdoor weddings. These are mostly practical reasons but we forgot to state the most important one: Was it not your dream all along to get married on a beach at sunset?