The importance of furnishing your office

The importance of furnishing your office

Although it may just seem like a standard-issue to get your offices furnished in fact it is much more important than that. It is not only where your employees spend their days working but it’s also one of the first impressions of the business that partners, clients, and customers will see. A scruffy or plain-looking office will give off a negative first impression which could have a much wider impact on the business. Also if your employees are spending 35 hours a week in your offices you want them to feel comfortable as not only will this keep them happy but motivated to be more productive.

What are the main points?

The cost of furnishing an office doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many discount kitchen cabinets online, where you can order either individual units or in bulk without compromising on quality. And there is no shame in wanting to save pennies where you can, especially if you’re planning on furnishing a large office.

Also the focus should not be solely on the furniture but also the office environment in general. You want the office to be at a comfortable room temperature, not getting excessively warm in the summer or cold in the winter. In addition to this you might want to add refreshment and break area for employees to congregate and relax when they’re on break time or lunch time.

A trend currently when it comes to designing and furnishing offices is having an ‘open plan design’. This has been used at many of the huge companies in Silicon Valley including Google, Facebook and many more. The reason it has become so popular is for the following reason:-

  • It opens up channels of communications meaning employees can conveniently go speak to another should they need to.
  • It encourages collaboration as well as enhancing the social environment of the office.
  • If the employees prefer and are happier in an open-plan office this in turn will increase staff retention and productivity.
  • It can save you money – having an open plan office can save on construction costs such as walls, etc. which can be useful if you’re a start-up business.
  • You’re not limited to space you currently have – with an open plan office furniture design you have the capacity to expand if needed.

A final few words

It is well worth planning the design and furnishing of your office space well in advance. As you’ve read so far in this article there are many different points to consider and you’ll want to get certain aspects of the design and furnishings right first time so that you won’t incur additional costs and wasted time rectifying any issues. Not only that but being smart financially when designing your office especially if you’re a start-up company releases funds that can be spent elsewhere such as on another employee or marketing. This can increase the business's chance of success and survival in an ever growing tough market and the time that is invested in the planning of this well more than certainly be worth it.

As a final point despite the prevalence of the open design of offices becoming mainstream this isn’t your only option. You’ll want to consider what is best for your business depending on the market that you’re in, the size and the type of environment you want to create. However if you were to go along with an open plan design you now know some of the benefits of having such as a design implemented.