Vaping is 95% less toxic than smoking – How UK is campaigning against smoking

Did you know that the UK government has given its best efforts to launch a new campaign to convince the Brit smokers that vaping is not as toxic as smoking and that it is also one of the best ways in which people can quit smoking? There was enough scepticism generated by few scientific studies and media spokesperson that vaping is equally harmful as smoking and hence this campaign has been started to fight against such doubts on vaping.

PHE or Public Health England still maintains that vaping is 95% less toxic than tobacco and in order to support their claims, they’re releasing a short video where they have experimented how a sticky substance accumulates on the lungs of those who are chain smokers. As against this, if people take in a similar amount of nicotine through vaping, this can release nothing apart from a trace of the residue. It is tragic indeed to see the thousands of smokers, who could quit smoking by taking to vaping, being put off by the false concerns about safety.

The UK government has said that they needed to reassure more smokers and tell them that switching from smoking to vaping would be a less harmful choice. They have several such demonstrations which highlight the extreme harms which are caused by cigarettes and how they help people see that vaping will pose not even a fraction of the risk posed by cigarettes. PHE reiterates the fact that the risks of vaping e-liquids UK are indeed negligible when compared to smoking.

While there were studies in the Birmingham University which claimed that vaping electronic cigarettes could cause harm to the cells inside the lungs, there are several other authors who strongly deny the fact that e-cigs are more harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes. Nevertheless, over a span of 2 to 3 decades, there might be a slight impact on human health.

The head of PHE’s tobacco control programme, Martin Dockrell, reported that each and every scientist in the field had ambitions to boost human health. He also reported that the scientists who are involved in this specific area are extremely passionate regarding the impact of smoking and e-cigarettes on human health.

In the United States, there is a higher concern regarding vaping as the habit has taken off among too many high school students. In fact, there are many who use Juul which looks similar to a USB stick. While anti-tobacco campaigns are offering alarms that electronic cigarettes would be a gateway to smoking among the youth, there are few studies which suggest that this could really happen.

So, no matter you’re a smoker or a newbie vaper, you have to understand the fact that you are using vaping to quit smoking. Once you let go of the habit of smoking, you should put an end to vaping as well.