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Is the PMP Certification a Necessity for Project Managers?

by Laurie967 (writer), , March 20, 2019

Let's have a quick look at the reasons specifying the necessity of PMP certification for the project managers nowadays:

In this highly competitive era, every professional has to keep their professional development continuous as they are constantly being assessed on the basis of their knowledge and skills. It is because of thiscompetition, upgradation and enhancement of their existing skills have become quite necessary.

With changing times, the project managerial role has seen a dynamic change, from managing the delivery of a project to ensuring the benefits of a project. It has become a new norm for today’s project managers to have the skills to lead an initiative and foster its adoption across an organization. This is the reason for growing popularity of PMP certification among project managers.

Let's have a quick look at the reasons specifying the necessity of PMP certification for the project managers nowadays:

PMP Boosts Your Profile

The phrase “PMP Certified” on a resume does wonders for a project manager. It reaffirms the recruiter about your credibility. In the process of hiring new employees, companies look for someone who has the ability to lead and direct various projects and multiple members of a team. Working with project managers who are PMP Certified tells companies that they have employees who have what it takes to complete projects on time and under budget, thus increasing the chances of getting better job opportunities.

PMP is Globally Acclaimed

PMP Certification is considered to be a standard to measure the competency of the project managers all over the world. PMP Certification along with PMI membership, enables you to have an opportunity to connect with other professionals,project managers,organizations and expertsacross the globe.

The PMP Salary Effect

When it comes to salary, PMP Certification is considered to be the best salary enhancer.According to the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) salary survey, 10th edition, a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification report higher median salaries than those without a PMP certification?a difference of around 23%.The salaries as stated by 33,000 project managers across the surveyed countries, the salary of a PMP certified project manager in The US is $115,000 whereas the salary of a non-PMP project manager is almost $92,000.This difference in salaries is not limited to the USA, it can also be observed across the world.

Compatibility with Different Industries

The functions of a project manager are not limited to a specific industry. They are required by all types of industries. A project manager who is PMP Certified, is highly desirable by telecom, IT, business processing, commerce, finance, research, oil and gas, and many more due to` their additional skills that are being required by these industries.


Being a project manager, if you are looking forward to improving your opportunities and skill set, PMP certification is a valuable asset required to excel in your career. With it, a project manager can expertly lead teams and projects in a variety of industries.

So, don’t wait, and start preparing for the PMP Certification today, and become an expert in project management.

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