7 Things You Are Guaranteed To Experience In The Grand National

As you may have already known, the Grand National is a horse race in Aintree, Liverpool. People there love to involve themselves in this yearly fun, especially since it has tons of offers for racegoers. What is more, there are lots of events that mark the occasion, and you surely do not want to miss them.

Apart from the obvious portion of the aforementioned horse race, there are specifics that make it special. So, what exactly does the Grand National consist of, making it highly regarded for both casual and hardcore horse racing fanatics? Without further ado, here are they!

#1. Betting On Races

The most obvious reason is betting on Grand National Races. But before you place a bet on Grand National 2019, you need to have an idea of what to look for. Doing so can give you much higher chances in making the best possible wagers and, ultimately, will increase your opportunities to win bets. For instance, you need to be aware of the track conditions. Keep in mind that track conditions always matter regardless of the track every horse race is being run on. There is also the handicap information, which can be crucial when heading into the race. Given how difficult it is to carry extra weight and the length of the course, handicap information should be a priority on your horse bettor’s list.

#2. Champagne Is Everywhere

As mentioned, the Grand National is not just about horse racing – there is lot to explore in this even. One of this is drinking champagne. And mind you, in the event, you will be surprised by the fact that champagne is almost everywhere you go. You can sip some champagne before betting on your favorite horse. And maybe right after checking the odds of the race and feeling about confident about your bets, you can enjoy a glass of champagne. What is more, you will certainly be chugging another bottle of it after winning a bet on the Grand National.

#3. Headgear Of All Shapes And Sizes

The ladies at the Aintree Grand National are unlike any other in this world, which is why you need to be prepared. That is because they love to bring a whole new meaning to the word “hat.” In Aintree, you will probably see the most fashionable of women in the world, and they certainly love to don almost everything that is beautiful. From artfully crafted fascinators to the most interesting of headgears, you name it – they can wear it. It is like these ladies have their own orbit, and you will regret it for the rest of your life if you do not get a chance to see them.

#4. Silly Suits

In the Grand National, there is this “rules for race day” slogan. It is very simple, though: dress well. However, it is not just the idea of dressing well – you actually need to make smart choices and have the balls to wear the best of the best. For all ladies out there, it is time you show the world your best frock. And for the boys, you can never go wrong with a clean cut tailored suit. Of course, this is not just the things you will see in the horse race. There are individuals who love to bend the rules in order to fit them to their own fashion statement. But hey, silly suits are a thing in the Grand National. You just have to accept that!

#5. Fabulous Fashion

Again, the Aintree Grand National is not just a simple horse race intended for racegoers or first-timers. It has its landmark in the area’s history, one that could go down for years as the event for fabulous fashion. And yes, that is right – ladies and gentlemen in Aintree are fond of pulling out all the stops in dressing. If you go there, you can expect to see the sleekest of coordinated outfits and high fashion dresses. Both girls and guys love to do this, encouraging you to compete. So if you are planning to attend this year’s horse race in Aintree, make sure to dress for the occasion.

#6. Dancing Is A Law

If you are going to Aintree Grand National, you must be prepared to dance. And those boys and girls in blue will really be watching you and your friends. For starters, the horse race is seen as the event with the most highest of profile. But believe it or not, in the horse race, it is literally written in the law that people need to dance with the closest bobby on the beat. But hey, they are people, too, anyway.

#7. Hen Parties Are All The Craze

When celebrating your hen do, there is no better place like Liverpool. It is, after all, the United Kingdom’s number one nightlife metro, one that can really guarantee an unforgettable experience. What is more, it has lots to offer to both boys and girls, keeping them entertained all night. During the Grand National, hen parties are always in hundreds. It is the best event to enjoy freedom in style!