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Top 10 Most Dangerous Extreme Sports

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , March 17, 2019

Most of them are scary, but some are deadlier. Some top 10 dangerous ones are mentioned here.

Extreme sports are also known as action or adventure sports. They are of high-risk degree since they involve high speed or high level of physical exertion or highly specialized gear. In extreme sports, one is subjected to mental or physical challenges where they are required to make a fast decision for success, failure of this could lead to dire injuries or death. Dangerous extreme sports are not for anyone, neither are they for everybody. If you just love the adrenaline look for a challenging yet safe sport that does not leave you staring at death.
Not all adventure sports are classified under extreme sports, although all of them will get your heart pumping. Most of them are scary, but some are deadlier. Some top 10 dangerous ones include

Soloing - Free climbing
If you thought rock climbing was scary then soloing will get your heart pumping. Soloing is climbing extremely high cliffs with safety gear in place. Most places one gets to climb a few days, which push the body to the extreme. This is a dangerous extreme sport because if one falls from the top of the cliffs the casualties do not get to live to tell the story.

BASE jumping
BASE jumping is leaping from great heights such as cliffs or buildings. One is equipped with a parachute and the climax is to open the parachute as you are about to reach the ground. Why is it dangerous, yet people parachute every other day? It is performed at a low altitude and the parachute might not open when you expect and the height, which you are falling from and the speed of the fall your mind might just shut down and you are not able to coordinate how to open the parachute. If anything goes wrong, you have less time to think and react; these mishaps have to lead to the death of many participants.

Big wave surfing
People take sports to the extreme when they decide to try and play with the heavy, big waves. These waves hit the reefs real hard and if you do not make it, then you risk being banged hard between the water and very hard and sharp surfaces.

This is kayaking or canoeing in another level created by adrenaline lovers. In creeking, kayakers challenge the steep rapids that they would normally avoid. Creeking involves going through waterfalls and steep rivers with low volume of water. The coherent risk is being trapped and banged against rocks until unconscious and even being trapped underwater. Whatever happens, there is no better option because you risk drowning.

Bull riding
It is a rodeo thing and the rider has to stay on the bull for eight seconds. These have been known as the most dangerous eight seconds in sports. The riders risk serious injuries leading to permanent disability. The sport has the highest injury rate what makes it dangerous because after falling you have to contend with a huge bull.


Skateboarding has always been seen as a sport for young people with a death wish. This is not always the case, there are safer things for them to do like offer paper writing help, but some skateboarders take it to the extreme. The extreme sport involves acrobatics while riding on pipes or riding through stairs, ledges and other obstacles. One miss and the fall on hard surfaces could lead to lifetime injuries.

Snowboarding is equally dangerous, leading to the head and ankle injuries. Participants use safety gears such as a helmet and athletic tape, however, they do not necessarily protect against injuries but they reduce the impact of injuries. Other common injuries in the sport include collarbone and wrist fractures because the hands are used for stabilization.

This recreational activity has been evolved by adrenaline lovers. Freestyle skiing has seen participants jump off very high cliffs or jump between two high points in ski jumping. The sport needs fast calculations on the next move so that you do not get an inevitable injury. The extreme skiing is different in how it starts, the style used, the obstacles overcome and the distance covered.

Motocross racing
Motocross is common and participants use motorcycles in the sport. The freestyle motocross is the extreme sport where the participants do not rely on racing, but on the performance of acrobatic stunts while on motocross bikes. The level of concentration needed is high and the stress exerted on the mind is real. While up in the air the participant makes an acrobatic move, all the while holding onto the motorbike. This gets the mind working because in case the participant misses a move the consequences are severe head injuries.
Obstacle course races

This is not for the faint-hearted because the obstacles make the sport dangerous. Some of the obstacles involved include running on hot pavements, Spartan racing, Warrior dash, and civilian military combine among others. This sport really tests your physical fitness and mental health and the injuries incurred differ between the different obstacles to be tackled. The races differ in the distance covered.

This is not just custom writing on extreme sports and how they have been associated with injuries such as the skull fracture, neck fracture, and concussions. Some love these sports despite the extreme injuries while most who fail to make it end up worse off. For example, surfers and skateboarders record high skull fractures. All in all the extreme sports have seen growth in participation over the years. Extreme sporting is not for everybody, try safe but challenging sports any time.

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