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Important Guidelines for Overseas Education Students Recruit

by Editor (editor), , March 14, 2019

According to the Regulation Act 1 c, e, and f of Universities regulation GN 226 of 2013, no one whether a person or institution without any prior approval of Commission would be able to advertise

According to the Regulation Act 1 c, e, and f of Universities regulation GN 226 of 2013, no one whether a person or institution without any prior approval of Commission would be able to advertise or offer any educational degree, hold any exhibition, recruiting students in the United Republic. These guidelines are meant to monitor the overseas students who want to pursue higher education in any country. In the era of getting the best educational degree, many universities do fraudulent practices. The global market is completely filled with many controversial issues against such frauds. Enrollment of students in unaccredited institutions has been very frequent during these days in terms of a huge amount of bribe by overseas student’s recruitment agents (OESRA).

Nowadays, trends have increased in which parents are demanding their ward to pursue higher studies without knowing their ward’s caliber. This makes them bribe such education recruitment agency. This mindset of parents occurs because they know where their ward’s stand. Parents believe such agencies will be able to send their ward to different reputed institutions either because they lack knowledge of the guidelines offered by OESRA or dearth time and confidence while applying their visa procedures or any other formalities, and feel comfortable paying money to such agencies. Therefore, there are some of the compiled guidelines to acquaint you about working and methodology of OESRA.

Guidelines that are related to OESRA: -

Information regarding the institution and the student has to be clearly articulated and approved to the Commission before proceeding with further application formalities.

The agency which is helping the student to get through any university should be a registered agency perceived by the authority of Tanzania.

If any institution or university wants to advertise itself or hold an exhibition regarding their college’s propaganda should work through any of the certifying authority under Tanzania.

The agency which is dealing with the student’s application should first show its credentials to the Commission regarding its resources, premises in order to show support of its conductivity.

Any agency which is conducting any activity should prove itself with any evidence of the sustainability of its business

The agency which are meant to do overseas student recruitment should tell the provisions, laws, and plans made by Tanzania Authority before claiming ward’s admission and should even ask the ward to follow those provisions accordingly.

Any agency claiming tuition fee on behalf of the university is a fraud and one should never believe it. No agency is allowed to claim tuition fee and student should pay all the tuition fee directly to the university he/she has been admitted to.

Agency which is dealing in overseas enrollment of student are meant to send its detailed annual report of activities done.

Identification and accreditation of OSERA: -

An agency working for enrolling the student in favor of any university should apply for the license to Commission.

Commission demands for a non-reimbursement fee for the norms related to paragraph 2.2.1

The commission has to look over the application of the applicant after receiving it. All the credentials submitted by the student and reviewing all the documents should be the major concern of the Commission. Before that, they are supposed to investigate the agency through which the applicant is filling the form.

The register which contains all the registered universities is accessible to public.

Commission should publish every year an updated version of agencies and associated universities.

The Commission has all the right to review any guideline and make necessary changes to it any time.

The license issued by the agency to operate its activities will only be valid for three years. Renewing your license after three years will definitely depend on the fresh or new policies made by the Commission.

Payment of annual fee as prescribed by the commission in order to run their license without any interruption.

The Commission has all the rights to cancel or reject the license of the agency if the commission finds the agency violating any norms or principles declared or announced by it. Once the license gets invalid, the agency cannot practice any procedure.

The agency is free to advertise about its procedures and will also a branch which is supposed to carry out counseling and support services to the students.

Duties of OESRA: -

  • The main responsibility of OESRA is to give admission to the students in a foreign university.
  • Providing detailed or prospective guidelines to the applicant regarding monthly cost, courses offered by universities, security of university, placement details, health services provided to the student.
  • Maintaining a database in which details of every student who are attending the universities associated with the Tanzanian authority. The details include the country in which he/she is attending the classes, university and course in which he/she has been enrolled, etc.
  • Admonish and provide support services to the student who are willin g to enroll themselves in any foreign universities. The support services include giving a detailed analysis of wards' career, selection of university and course into which he wants to get enroll, vacancies in universities, flight procedures, health-related queries, etc.
  • Precedents of running OESRA: -
  • The agency should be a registered member of Tanzania authority.
  • Has to represent only those universities from which the origin of agency is.
  • Should have a confirmed address.
  • The agency should have skilled and professional staffs in their agency which could work properly upon the credentials given by the applicant.
  • To start an agency, it should provide evidence of the financial firmness of its business so that it can carry out the procedures of student easily without any hindrance.
  • Should not have inadequate knowledge about the universities in which the ward wants to get enroll.

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