Holidaying in Italy? Here’s What You Need to Pack


Have you ever fantasized about a vacation in Italy after watching Roman Holiday? If your vacation involves a little fun, sun and a glorious view of the Colosseum, then you need to pack some essentials in order to ensure that your little Italian holiday is as glamorous as possible.

There’s nothing worse than going on vacation and finding out that you packed the wrong kind of wardrobe. Going on a holiday requires spending money on buying new clothes so that you don’t have to wander around wearing impractical clothing. After all, what’s the purpose of a vacation if you don’t have some amazing pictures to showoff among your friends how much fun you have had during the trip.

To ensure that your vacation goes as smoothly as possible, and the Italian ladies giving you a side eye while you take pictures with the Trevin Fountain in your flow dress, here are some essentials that you need to pack.

A Structured Coat

Italians favor stylish clothing. If you’re confused about what to pack for your trip, take a page out of Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe. Gossip Girl gave us many holiday goals be it vacations, Thanksgiving or New Year. The air usually gets a bit chilly in Italy so most women don’t opt for sweatshirts and hoodies; they go for layering – chic coats or cardigans.

If you want to make a big fashion investment for your Italian holiday, let that be on a structured and stylish coat. Not only will the coat look gorgeous, it will also act as a warmer to resist you from catching cold. It also hides away the clothes you’re wearing underneath.

You can nicely layer your outfit by pairing it with denims and a blouse. Also, if it’s too cold, wear a sweater underneath your coat. Coats are available in all lengths; going down to the knees or just above your bottom.

If you want to keep it simple, then you can get a coat in black or white for a monochrome look so that it looks great with everything. If you want to play it funky and are brave enough to experiment, then go for a colorful coat or one with crazy patterns on it. Coats are a great outfit whether going to the opera or trekking to Mount Etna for its glorious view.

Pair it with Right Accessories

What outfit is complete without a great pair of accessories to make it stand out? Make sure that each outfit of yours looks unique and special in its own way. For that, you need to pack some essential accessories.

Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses. These are a must. Ask anyone and they’d say that sunglasses are important travel essentials. Not only will they protect your eyes when you absorb the beauty of Capri while the sun shines upon you, they’ll also hide the bags beneath your eyes as you go out in public to delve in the glory of the leaning tower of Pisa. It will also make you look chic and super stylish. You’d be hard-pressed to find an Italian woman without a pair of stylish Chanel glasses perched on her nose.

One thing that women don’t travel without is jewelry. To make sure that you blend with the Italian women, put your best fashion foot forward. However, keep it to a minimal. Don’t bring in jewelry that is too blingy or frivolous. Keep a pair of fancy earrings for a dinner in Rome and a few long necklaces to pair with your flowy gowns when strolling the streets at night. Pack dainty necklaces and chockers, chandelier earrings and single diamond cuts, charm or single bead bracelets and of course a healthy assortment of rings to finish to nail every look.

Swimsuits and Cover-Ups


What vacation is complete without a visit to the beach where you can sunbathe in peace and look glamorous while doing it. Whether you are visiting the iconic Lake Como or catching in rays at thebeaches of Sardina, you need an amazing swimsuit to help you look like a total fashionista.

Your beach essentials must include an amazing pair of sunglasses, lots of sunscreen to protect your skin from being tanned at the wrong places, a giant yet stylish handbag to carry all your essentials, and a totally gorgeous swimsuit. While bikinis may rule the beaches in America, in Italy, it’s the trikini (a slightly sexier form of bikini) that takes the center stage. So if you want to do Italian beach fashion, then you may need to hit the bikini store to update your swimwear.

However, no swimwear is complete without a perfect cover-up. Italian beach trends focus heavily on fancy cover-ups that are mostly sheer so that their trikini captivates they eye. Buy a sequined or printed cover-up that will make you the talk of the beach.

Oversized Scarves Ensure Modesty

While Italy is not a country that is known for its modest fashion choices, it, however, is the home to the Vatican and some of the world’s oldest churches. You may want to follow an understated fashion attire while in Italy but if you want to visit some churches, then you need to be prepared to dress a little modestly than you were doing before.

Modest clothing does not mean that you have to look like you just stepped off from a conservative era. It just means that you need to make sure that your hemlines are not proactive nor do you have plunging necklines. You can avoid offending people by making sure that you always carry an oversized scarf with you so even when you stumble upon a beautiful church while wearing something low cut, you can instantly wear your scarf and explore the country.

Jumpsuits –Much Hyped Clothing


A clothing item which should be on top of your travel checklist should be jumpsuits. Known for their supreme versatility, jumpsuits are an epitome of urban woman. They look great on women regardless of their height and weight. In fact, they accentuate the legs when paired with heels. They are one of the few fashion attire that are made for all body sizes.

Nothing screams vacation more than a picture of you standing in front of Piazza Navona with the sun shining down on you in a glamorous jumpsuit. The great thing about jumpsuits is the sartorial ease in wearing one-piece. Your jumpsuit can be understated if worn in a monochromatic fashion, and can also be a high-street fashion attire. You can opt for various accessories to go with your jumpsuits including different belts to pull out a look or match a pair of stilettoes to go for a modern and chic style.

Going on a holiday does not mean that you need to break bank in order to put together the perfect wardrobe. You can find some amazing boutiques on the internet that will help you create an amazing wardrobe without spending thousands of dollars.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that your comfort is above all. Fashion trends keep changing, so it’s not worth your comfort to ruin a vacation trying on anoutfit that does not synergize with your body. While it is important to follow fashion trends, it’s also important to recognize what looks good on your body and which fashion outlook you can perfectly nail off in style.