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Marketing Your Brand Online and Off

by Editor (editor) , February 26, 2019

There is something that unites the majority of businesses and that is a common goal to increase sale and introduce new customers to their products and services.

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There is something that unites the majority of businesses and that is a common goal to increase sale and introduce new customers to their products and services. There are many ways to do this and most of them fall under the umbrella of advertising. We are going to take a look at two of the ways you can make the most of marketing both online and in the real world too.

Digital Marketing

First and foremost the plan behind any marketing campaign is to increase the number of eyes on your company. That doesn’t change online or offline, but the medium by which you attempt this does. Here we are going to look at search engine optimisation and social media as two parts of a digital marketing campaign that complement each other, but should also be given their own dues.

  • SEO

SEO is the practice of making your website have greater visibility through organic results on search engines. Effectively this means that the better your SEO the higher you will appear on results for terms related to your business. This is important because over 90% of people don’t look beyond the second page when it comes to using the likes of Google so you are in more or less invisible to the average user if you are on page two or beyond. Learn the basics of SEO like keywords, backlinks and reputation and get your website prepped.

  • Social Media

It can seem like everyone and their dog - or cat - are on social media these days. And with over a billion people that is quite possibly the case. Your aim when it comes to social media should not be to cast as a wide a net as possible, but rather to focus in on where your target market is. While Facebook has the most users of any social network, that doesn’t mean its active users are the people who will buy your product. Research is going to be your best friend when it comes to making sure you aren’t wasting your time on social media by shouting into a void.

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Offline Promotion

For many years companies only had offline promotion to work with and that is why this field has been perfected to within an inch of its life. Here are some of the ideas that you might want to explore for selling your brand in the non-digital world.

  • Events

Attending events is an absolute must for anyone looking to capture a specific target market. If you know that your demographic is going to be captive in one place, then why would you not attempt to introduce as many of them to you as possible? However, it is the way to go about this kind of promotion that is going to be key. Not only will you need your best people on the floor that day, but you will also require eye-catching details from the likes of eventdisplay to encourage potential customers to visit your booth or tent.

  • Traditional Media

As much as social media has taken over as the go-to for a lot of people in the digital age, traditional media still has a critical role to play. You might not consider the impact of newspapers and magazines to be significant, but their readership is still considerable and you should be thinking about how you can attract them. Once again, much like with events, you should be thinking about what your demographic is reading so that you can target them directly. Research specialist magazines to make sure you are getting to your market in print.

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