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Impact of Big Data Analytics In Mobile App Development

Here we explained how Big Data analytics has already transformed the mobile app development with real value additions.

Almost a decade passed since we started using smartphones and within this time mobile apps have penetrated innermost recesses of our lives. Keeping harmony with the penetration of smartphones in our lives digital data increased exponentially, and now this massive pool of data is becoming the breeding ground of data-driven insights that help developers are marketers to deliver a user-centric solution.

Big Data analytics is the science of pulling data-driven insights about users by utilising the exponentially growing massive volumes of classified and non-classified digital data. While earlier data analytics was limited in the scope of gathering consumer insights, Big Data analytics offers a much broader scope and sophistication when analysing user or consumer data.

When delivering personalised user experience is the key to success for most mobile apps, data-driven insights can help apps to serve up to this need of personalisation. Big Data analytics helped developers and app marketers to serve UI and UX that finds resonance with its target audience. Let us explain in detail how Big Data analytics transformed the mobile app development industry.

Big Data Analytics to Analyse User-Experience

The most important aspect of shaping the success or failure of a mobile app is the user experience. Only deeper analysis utilising a broad spectrum of user and session data can help app makers to get relevant insights about the users. Big Data analytics, unlike earlier analytical approach, covers the entire user journey and all aspects related to user experience. Just when the correct analysis of the data is carried out, the developers can see all the pain points and shortcomings that they need to address through the subsequent development process.

Big Data Analytics to Generate Innovative App Ideas

The role of Big Data analytics is not just limited to the enhancement of app user experience. Big Data analytics equally can play a significant role in helping developers and strategists to come up with new and innovative app ideas that find easier traction and engagement. Thanks to Big Data demographic user analysis has become more comfortable than ever before.

Big Data through the analysis of multifaceted user data can also deliver a wide array of insights and about user engagement and preferences. All these put together with help the mobile app strategists and developers to come up with new ideas that are more validated by what the user needs or wants. As the competition among mobile apps continues to be stifling, creating apps with innovative concepts and unique ideas became vantage point for beating the competition.

The Promise of Big Data for Small Business Apps

The big promise of Big Data analytics is not limited to big businesses and multinationals. The Big Data analytics helped to create a level playing field for biggies and small and medium enterprises. Thanks to Big Data analytics the small business apps can equally enjoy the power of data-driven analytics for design and development decisions. As small businesses are increasingly leaning towards mobile apps to take on the new growth opportunities, utilising Big Data analytics to shape satisfactory user experience became a key strength.

Let us explain below some of the promising aspects of Big Data analytics for small and medium business apps.

  • Small enterprises can use third-party big data analytics tools and service providers to gather the most relevant data-driven insights concerning the user experience of their apps.
  • Small enterprises can also utilise small data sets and make use of small scale analytics for important enterprise decision-making purposes.
  • Small enterprises utilising small scale data analytics tools can also utilise the same for analysing user persona and audience of their mobile apps.
  • Big Data analytics embracing granular level local user data can also help small businesses orienting their campaigns for the local audience to target sales and conversion.
  • When it comes to personalisation, small enterprises lack access to cost-expensive technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Big Data Analytics tools widely accessible can help them make the app user experience more personalised.
  • Data-driven insights governing small enterprise apps can boost employee productivity and enhance efficiency level to a great extent. Visualising numerous employee data and metrics can help small businesses getting more professional in approach.

Customer-Specific App Development

We all know that in spite of delivering superb performance and looking excellent in the interface, an app simply can fail because of failing to address the user preferences. Big Data analytics helps to get deeper into the user analysis by offering a broad spectrum of app user data as the subject of analysis. An app developers simply can orient the app with specific user preferences based on these insights. When you build an app that addresses the concerns of your users, you have every reason to be popular and successful.

Big Data Analytics Used for Mobile Apps

Now we need to see the precise ways Big Data analytics have been used in mobile apps. It is how an app delivering to the user wants and preferences that matter most for the success of a mobile app. Here are the two most significant ways big data analytics plays a crucial role in addressing user experience.

Mobile App Ads

A vast majority of ads simply fail to gain any traction or business conversion because they did not take into consideration the preferences of time and content of the advertisements. When running a marketing or ad campaign, you need to have detailed knowledge about your target audience and how and when they prefer to engage with advertising or marketing contents. It is also important to know what type of marketing contents they are more likely to resonate with. Big Data analytics by analysing a whole array of user data can deliver the most useful data-driven insights that marketers can use for perfecting their advertising or marketing campaigns.


From mobile app UI to the in-app advertisements to the user journey and features, every aspect of a mobile app needs to be oriented strictly with the preferences, likes and dislikes of its target audience. Big Data analytics has made this possible for mobile apps to make design and development decisions based on these user insights.

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