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Top Five Colorful Destinations in India

by Editor (editor), , February 11, 2019

Here are the top five colorful destinations to cover in India.

India is a land of spectrum of colors. With the varying geography within its boundary, this country has a diverse set of beauty, everywhere you reach. Some months and certain destinations are quite vivid with colors, while a few are still bubbling in sepia mode. Secluded places for rejuvenation and romantic vacations tend to be minimalistic in vibrancy and on the other hand, cultural classic destinations will be thriving with colors. Here are the top five colorful destinations to cover in India.

1. Jaipur

This city holds a pink hue in every element. Since the visit of King of Wales, the Jaipur has been in this makeover and has an iconic touch to it. Nothing can pull pink perfectly like Jaipur. Starting from City Palace to the iconic honeycomb Hawa Mahal, every element has a shade of pink and a royal beauty to it. As if the pink is not enough, the city is also quite colorful by itself in terms of culture. If you want to experience the height of colors, visit during any religious festival. Explore this city with the most popular Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train. But you must check out the Deccan Odyssey Facilities, Price, Schedule, History, General Information etc. before planning your trip.

2. Varanasi

This is one of the oldest inhabited cities of the world. Thanks to this city, the ancient culture thrives in the country. This city is lined with colorful temples along the shores of the velvety blue River Ganges. The locals perform rituals of numerous kinds in day-to-day basis. Numerous colorful rituals take place with a cinematic effect in Varanasi. As the evening approaches, the city gets a light-filled environment, which would take you to a spiritual trance condition.

3. Jodhpur

When pink could add a level of sophistication to the city, how about blue? The city of Jodhpur is dipped in blue. There are quite a lot of reasons for this. Some prefer the story of blue being the royal color, which was used only in the buildings of royals and Brahmins. Later, when kingdom rule fell, locals started to paint their buildings blue. Another story talks about blue repelling mosquitoes. Although the reason is not known, the place is quite a grand blue paradise to watch from the top of the Mehrangarh Fort. This panoramic view is an important element of any tour package including the famous Deccan Odyssey Train.

4. Valley of Flowers

This valley is a very normal one, located in Uttarakhand. Once the monsoon hits India, the plants along the valley start to bloom with contrasting colored flowers. The entire valley will be filled with clusters of fresh cobra lily, brahmakamal, blue poppy and others. These vivid flower carpets under the pristine snow peaks make the place more beautiful. To add more beauty, the flawless bluish-white stream flows closer to the valley.

5. Meghalaya

When you stay closer to the nature, the place gets more colorful. How many shades of green do you think, exist? The constant rainfall in Meghalaya adds more beauty to the already lush region. The crystal white waterfall, emerald green fields and the lush forests gives a new dimension to a colorful vacation.

For more colorful destinations, visit Pondicherry, McleodGanj, Madurai, Goa and others. India vacation is quite colorful even if you visit the dullest place of the country. Make sure to choose the right destination and right time to enjoy the best splash of colors during your vacation.

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