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Top 6 things you need to take care of before your newborn arrives

by Editor (editor), , February 11, 2019

Making sure you’re prepared for the arrival of your little one will help you and your partner relax a little and keep things under control in this stressful and challenging period.

Having a child is one of the best things that can happen in life. Though the next period of your life is going to be extremely hard, it’s also going to be extremely rewarding. Your little miracle is bound to amaze you with every step they take. It’s easy to get caught up in all the things you want to do with your child from their first moments on Earth, but it’s also essential to be practical. Even though you can’t physically partake in the pregnancy as a father, you can help in other ways. Making sure you’re prepared for the arrival of your little one will help you and your partner relax a little and keep things under control in this stressful and challenging period.

1. Babyproof your home

Even though your home may seem perfectly safe to you, that’s only because you’re an adult. Children love exploring new environments and their curiosity will lead them to conduct and expedition on the whole house. It’s much easier and more convenient to babyproof when your baby isn’t born yet or is too little to start exploring.

Wall sockets should be covered and baby gates should be placed basically everywhere. If you have stairs, wall them off with a baby gate so the little crawler doesn’t hurt themselves. You can also use gates to keep the child out of especially dangerous areas for them to sneak into unsupervised, like the kitchen. Any other spaces you think your baby can crawl under should be blocked off, too.

2. Don’t forget the stroller

Strollers are a necessity if you want to show your newborn the world properly. It allows them to stay safe and comfy while enjoying the environment. The rocking and walking motion also sooths babies very much. Your ideal stroller is a mix between practical, comfortable, and high-quality. This is something your child will benefit from greatly and use often, so it’s important it can handle wear and tear while providing a pleasurable experience for the baby.

As far as being practical is concerned, the stroller should be easily foldable so that it can fit in the car, allowing you to lengthen your weekend outings. What’s more, make sure it has adequate storage space at the bottom so you won’t have to carry baby’s to-go bag in your hand.

3. Decorate the nursery

Decorating the nursery can be a fun activity to do with your significant other. It’s a great bonding opportunity as well as an excellent way to get you excited for the arrival. Start from the colour of the nursery. Are you going with plain white, boyish blue or girlish pink? You don’t even have to conform to the colour norm for the baby’s gender, simply choose anything that you think fits into the house best.

Don’t forget to decorate the walls with various baby-friendly pictures and posters, either. Next, look for adequate storage room. You’re going to need a lot of space to store all the baby’s things. Once you’ve got the practical things figured out, it might be a good idea to get your baby its first toys. Colourful things that make quirky noises might amuse your baby the most.

4. Pick out a crib

This is something you definitely have to have set up before the baby arrives. After all, they’re going to need a place to sleep right away. Your crib should be big enough to fit the baby even as it grows. Of course, you can always decide to get a cot first and then switch to a crib later because it may look and feel cozier.

You should really splurge on the crib and opt for the higher quality one, as this is supposed to last you a long time and be comfortable for the baby.

5. Buy a proper car seat

Safety on the road should be as important as the safety in the house. Small children are just to small and weak to sit in the car by themselves, with just the safety belt as their protector. What’s more, they’re far too playful for that. When it comes to babies, they’re simply incapable of sitting in a car on their own. Just because you have a kid now doesn’t mean you can’t travel anywhere until it grows old enough.

Opting for Maxi Cosi car seats may just be your best solution. You can easily place the car seat in your car and safely transport your baby wherever you need to go. A proper car seat might even be the first thing you need as you’ll have to get home from the hospital in the most convenient and safest way possible.

6. Stock up on supplies

If you think you’ll go supply shopping after the baby is born, you’re wrong. Your little one is going to need constant attention that both you and the mother should provide. Hence why it’s important to stock your house with the supplies you’ll need. Diapers, baby powder, baby formula, a breast pump, pacifiers- everything that even associates you to babies should be in your house.

This is especially true for supplies that get used up quickly and regularly, like diapers. You can put the baby stuff in a separate pantry so it’s always convenient to find what you need, or you can even store it in the nursery. This way, all of the baby-related things will be in baby’s room, at your fingertips.


As you can see, a lot of things need to be taken care of before the baby arrives. The sooner you start, the better the outcome. None of us like being unprepared in important situations so take this time as a chance welcome your baby into the world the way they deserve. What’s more, being the practical thinker and taking care of your family should be your priority. With these tips, you’ll have the ideal opportunity to show your significant other that you’re invested just as much as she is, regardless of not actually carrying the baby.

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