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7 Tips for Designing A T-Shirt

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , February 11, 2019

Here are 7 helpful tips mentioned for designing a t-shirt successfully.

Your T-shirts are something you don’t want to throw away even if they are stained and ripped. Since they become a part of your identity which people notice the most about you, you need to be very conscious while designing it for you.

Here are 7 helpful tips mentioned for designing a t-shirt successfully.

  • Figure Out Your Need

It is the most important tip to get started. You must be very clear in your head about the purpose you need a t-shirt for. It may be for promotional causes or just for casual use.

You must design it differently based on your different needs. Whether your t-shirt would be serious or playful, conservative or edgy, funky or sober, everything should be shaped by your specific need.

  • Make Your Budget Plan

Once you are sure about your purpose for having a t-shirt, start making a budget plan based on the amount of money you have in hand. If you want to go a little out of your box, you need to get the money arranged beforehand. After that, you can choose colors, quality of stuff, and printing method based on your budget.

  • Consider Different Printing Methods

There are different printing methods i.e. Screen printing, Vinyl graphics, print on-demand, and many others. You must have adequate knowledge about each one of them to ensure that you pick the best method to make your own shirt.

  • Brainstorm Your Ideas

Now you need to sit down and let the different ideas flow inside your brain. The more time and effort you give to this particular step, the better outcome you would have.

Since there is no limitation to the imagination, you can let the designing go in different dimensions. However, you need to focus on the t-shirt types, styles, imagery, typography, color, and printing technique while you are brainstorming your ideas.

  • Find a Designer

If you can address all the technical concerns of t-shirt designing, that is amazing. But if you lack any skills, you must hire a designer.

You need to make the designer understand your needs and likes to get exactly what you want. The more you get into the details of printing specifications, types, styles, logos, colors, the better designing you would get for your t-shirt.

  • Evaluate Your Design

Once you finalize a design, you need to review and evaluate it from every aspect. The design must fit your color selection, budget plan, technical, and marketing requirements. If you have hired services of any T-shirt printing Australia company, you can simply talk to the designer to get better alternative options.

  • Find a Genuine Printer

Now that your design is ready after considering its every important aspect, it’s time to get it printed on your t-shirt. You need a genuine printer who offers the best printing method within your budget limit. You need to take proper time out to sift through multiple options of printers before making any final decision.

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