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Practical Tips for Dealing with Noisy Neighbors in Apartment

by guestposting (writer), , March 18, 2019

No apartment resident relishes dealing with noisy neighbors. Some tips dealing with the uncomfortable issue.

You’d be hard-pressed to find an apartment building that doesn’t have at least one relentlessly noisy resident. In some cases, these individuals are unaware of their noise levels and don’t mean to be inconsiderate. In others, the offending parties simply don’t care. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the noise pollution, every apartment resident has a right to peace and quiet. Unfortunately, dealing with noise polluters can be tricky and often requires well-meaning neighbors to walk a perilous social tightrope. If you’re currently at your wit’s end with a neighbor who doesn’t understand the meaning of “volume control,” the following tips may come in handy.

Start by Talking to Your Landlord

While it may be tempting to go to your neighbor’s door and talk to them directly, this isn’t always the best option. Even if you make an effort to be respectful, the offending party may feel as if they’re being attacked and become immediately defensive. With this in mind, your first step in pushing back against a noisy neighbor should be appealing to your landlord. Once the situation has been laid out, your landlord is likely to contact the neighbor in question and request that they decrease their noise levels.

When searching for Omaha, Nebraska apartments, make sure to carefully review each building’s policies on noise pollution. If a noisy neighbor is in violation of any of your building’s rules, don’t hesitate to bring this to the landlord’s attention.

Make a Special Exception for Babies

In some instances, it’s important to take the person making the noise into account – particularly if they happen to be a baby. Dealing with crying babies is an inescapable part of apartment life, and short of moving, there’s really nothing you can do about it. Although listening to a wailing baby when you’re trying to sleep can be aggravating, parents have very little control over babies’ crying, and confronting them is just going to make you look bad.

Call the Police When the Situation Warrants It

When dealing with run-of-the-mill noisy neighbors, calling the police should be your last resort. If the noise levels have gotten completely out of hand in spite of multiple warnings from the landlord, you’re fully justified in alerting law enforcement. However, if you genuinely believe people are being hurt or at serious risk of injury, calling the police should be your first resort. Yes, this may make things awkward between you and the neighbor in question, but if a call to the police prevents actual violence from taking place, you’ll be able to hold your head up high.

No apartment dweller relishes dealing with noisy neighbors. After all, it’s awkward, uncomfortable and difficult for people who aren’t naturally assertive. However, noise pollution is an unavoidable issue for people who live in close proximity to their neighbors, so if you reside in an apartment, it pays to arm yourself with the proper knowledge. The next time you find yourself bothered by a noisy neighbor, the previously discussed pointers can do you a world of good.

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