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How to Turn Your AppleTV into Visual Marketing Tool

by Editor (editor), , February 05, 2019

The reason that no one is complaining: it works. Visual marketing shows unprecedented statistics.

Today, visual content is in higher demand than ever before. Last year we’ve all noticed the vital importance of visual marketing throughout all the social media platform changes and alterations with emphasis on the visual content. Connected TV ad revolution will definitely live on and prosper, Instagram TV (IGTV) will cement its role in the social media landscape in 2019 and, probably, within just a few years we there will be no other marketing but visual. The reason that no one is complaining: it works. Visual marketing shows unprecedented statistics.

So, how can you use visuals promote your brand and engage customers? Easy: turn your AppleTV into an effective visual marketing tool with a digital signage software.

Why Apple TV?

Apple TV is a game changer in visual marketing couple of different reasons. First and foremost, it is an Apple product. For most of us company devises represent impressive technology, never-ending innovations, user-friendly features, and a very sleek design. Thinks Apple – think quality and safety.*

Secondly, the best digital signage software is made for Apple TV, making it one of the best and easy to use digital signage media players on the market today. There isn’t a 20-step process you have to go through to visualize your content on the screen. Using the right software, your content will be pushed onto Apple TV and displayed on the screens in a matter of seconds. Kitcast is widely known for their impressive 4 step installation proses that can turn your AppleTV into a plug-and-play DS device within minutes. They are a new kind of DS solutions that can translate any beautiful message on to the screen. Talk about exhibiting tech intelligence!

*Survey on Apple TV use by organizations has shown that 97% of organizations use Apple TV devises, and 35% use more than 50 devises in their work, while 18% have more than a 100 of Apple TV players on hand. The survey was conducted by Jamf, the enterprise Apple TV management solution provider

Attract customers with killer visual marketing

Good quality of videos or images are often the reason people subscribe, buy, book. It is not just about attracting attention, it’s vital for brand awareness, customer engagement or boosting sales. Bad quality of displayed visual content is not only off-putting, but it will also actually turn people away from your product.

The absolutely phenomenal quality of graphics is the undeniable standard of the iconic Apple products and with very little investment in the Apple TV player, your visuals will become noticeable. Plus, Kitcast TV digital signage has beautiful template designs that encompass the latest visual trends that will make your brands message hugely influential in how your business is perceived.

Take advantage of the power of UGC

User-generated Content has been showing impressive marketing results for a while now. One of the greatest exceptional examples of a great UGC use is the GoPro hashtag, Videos with #GoPro get uploaded on social media platforms up to five thousand times on a daily basis. With Apple TV and Kitcast software, you can create an interactive experience by featuring live feeds from Instagram, Twitter, and Yelp. Using UGC motivates customers to share their experience with the brand, and people react to a UGC in a very different way than to content shared by a brand. UGC is perceived as more authentic, trustworthy and is much more sharable. Make sure your brand gives customers a platform to share their experiences.

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