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7 Reasons to Have an Electric Bicycle

by Delray (writer), , February 04, 2019

To help you understand the benefits of having an e-bike, we've listed seven of the top reasons below!

You've probably stopped to think about the time you lose in traffic. The busy roads are known for their endless lines of cars, on average, the people spend about three hours a day, which means that they keep stand one and half year there.

Many factors can motivate the consumer to opt for an electric bike. It may be the question of urban mobility, time savings, quality of life or even independence. The fact is that people have discovered on electric bicycles a faster and more economical way to get around and this is not just a fad. Check out the most interesting e-bike angebote.

To help you understand the benefits of having an e-bike, we've listed seven of the top reasons below!

Why choose an electric bike?

Economy - Do you know what you need to put an e-bike to work? Electricity! Unlike an automobile, which generates expenses with fuel, taxes, fines and parking, the electric bicycles here consume very small money per kilometer.

Environment - Viewed as a means of sustainable locomotion, e-bikes do not emit smoke and do not pollute the environment. With the commitment to bring innovation and cutting-edge technology to its products, electric bicycles were developed with lithium battery, disc brake option, display and / or digital panel, all in tune with the preservation of the environment.

Cheers - Despite being electric, the e-bike has pedals that can be used at any time. To do this, simply turn off the engine to use it as a regular bike.

The e-bikes have pedal assist, which allows the cyclist to activate the system by means of a display on the handlebars from the first pedal.

Mobility - Forget the congestion of large urban centers! With e-bikes you can escape from traffic, get to your destination faster and still contribute to the flow in the city.

Comfort - Thanks to the electric motor, the user reduces physical effort and fatigue. In this way, the cyclist saves breath, minimizes physical exhaustion and gets to work free of sweat, for example. But when he is more willing, you can turn off the engine of your e-bike and use it as a regular bike.

Independence - Those who live in large urban centers must have suffered from public transport strikes, whether it is train, metro or bus. With the electric bike, freedom becomes one of its main allies because it is not necessary to depend on other means of locomotion. In addition, it is possible to predict your route: from the time of departure to that of arrival.

Practicality - The e-bikes are compact and easy to carry. The battery is charged via a single power outlet (110/220 V) and has a recharging time of three to five hours.

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