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Top Web Development Trends in 2019

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , February 04, 2019

Technology is bringing us new trends every year and here we have the list of top web development trends for 2019.

Everyone likes to follow the trends, whether it is in clothes, accessories or shoes. The same goes with web technology. Every year you experience constant changes and updates in the designs when it comes to web development or for app developers. And the change will be constant for the year 2019 as well.

We are living in the era where technology is changing rapidly and web development is the solution to nearly every facet of life. And not only the web developers but app developers are also following the trend to keep their app technology up to date.

As we know in this period of intense competition on the internet, it becomes quite difficult to uplift. And to remain ahead in this challenge, gain foresight into future web trends and tackle them into your web development is the only best solution. Creating valuable content, engaging the visitors and good web experience is something web development creates for the visitors.

Visitors who are visiting your site must find a reason to turn into your regular customers, having a responsive site increases the chances of steady conversion. This is where web development comes into action, web developers constantly stay updated with the ongoing trends, requirements of their customers, and algorithms in order to engage the audiences.

Technology is bringing us new trends every year and here we have the list of top web development trends for 2019.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps are web applications that are web pages or websites actually but appear like mobile applications to users. PWA is the best of both worlds as it combines web and native applications and users get full app experience without even installing an application. PWA brings websites, browsers, and mobile applications together.

PWA uses push notification, to imitate the native app experience. As a publisher, you have a full control over what and when you want to push to users. This re-engages users to the website in a way normal sites can’t. You are not limited to the most likely apps such as twitter and Facebook to share web content, you can share it with any app that is on your device.

And all this can be done offline and having the latest version always. Yes you heard right, no need for the internet connection. Even with the poor internet connection content is always going to be available.

Single page website

One page setup and multi-page affairs are the two main types that the sites have. To put each topic on its own page is the traditional way of building a site. To improve the conversion rates you should minimize the amount of the text on your webpage, taking into consideration the behavior of users and how users read.

To keep things simple is the biggest advantage of a single page site. Anyone can develop a single page website with a particular design-builder, without having a programming experience. As opposed to their desktop computers large number of people favor surfing the net on their mobiles. So single web pages design with no complex deep menu or navigation to pass over works well on mobile devices. This style simplifies your online needs with modern solutions and as well inexpensive to develop and host.

Static website generators

Plain texts websites are developed with Static website generators and generally stored in files. Static website generators offer you the advantage of easy traffic management, safety, and better loading speed.

With regards to web development static site generators will end up being a leap forward as destinations constructed static site generators are difficult to utilize and offers less alternatives for the visitors to get included, which has turned out to be vital nowadays.

Push notification

A standout amongst the most integral assets that a portable application can have is Push Notifications. They’re being used on most websites for notifying users. . You simply have to subscribe for the push notification on the sites and it will give an approach to inform you when new content is available. Without even requiring you to browse the website or check your email in question. Push notifications are like popups. No matter if you are currently on a particular website or not Push notifications can reach you anytime, anywhere.

Then regular email marketing campaign Push notifications give higher results since they are clickable. As they’re easier to manage on both ends of the users and developers, they are fast replacing email newsletters.

Motion UI

UI moved towards motion UI following the patterns of streamlining forms, without flashy advertisements that keep site simple. Adding motion UI elements add life to your minimalistic website. As it encourages active user interaction and enhances site usability which will boost user engagement on your website.

MotionUI offers a high level of customization that will emerge among a huge number of others with static UI. The designer can have numerous alternatives to create a practical and attractive site.

Static web page

Today’s web pages are mainly dynamic while those used early were static. And like the fashion repeat itself, the web is additionally coming back to its foundations and static sites are inclining in web development once again. As you program each page in HTML and it shows up a similar static content to each visitor. Simplicity is the greatest preferred standpoint of a static site page.

The Static web page is basic and does not have complex navigation, staggered navigation and a large number of writings. The only thing to do is to just scroll down. These sites are secure, fast and are inexpensive to make. A static web page allows you to create a unique user journey while focusing on your text.

Intelligent Catboats

Intelligent Catboats follow the same process of converse as you were talking to a customer care executive. Intelligent Catboats are referred to as an intelligent agent and are supported by artificial intelligence (AI). AI gives clients the best possible way to clear a client’s doubts and questions.

Catboats help customers through intelligent answering capabilities that are backed by examples and instinctive sources. They not just help and guide the customers through the services but also provide solutions to their problems.

Having Catboats for your website is something that is going to get more popular worldwide in the coming years.

JavaScript frameworks

JavaScript frameworks have been trending now and will continue to rule in 2019 as well. Since it is easier and more adaptable to offer functions, more and more web developers are using JavaScript frameworks.

Because of the features like- callbacks, closures, RAILS are readily available with a quick and reliable approach; more and more developers are using it to create a cleaner, responsive websites without any errors.

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