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Want to Experience Arabic Luxury? Choose Shaza Hotels

by Editor (editor) , January 31, 2019

Shaza pleases its guests in a similar way by treating them to unparalleled indulgence and luxury to ensure a memorable experience for all.

Shaza Hotels is an intimate family of hotels across the Middle East. Shaza Hotels were established with a strong inspiration from the glorious indulgent past of the ancient Silk Road. The stories of a melting pot of cultures and traditions combined with the aim to create something new, like the trade routes along the Silk Road, have inspired Shaza’s vision of coming together to serve its guests with the contemporary luxury experience which we see today.

Shaza, in essence, translates to ‘fragrance’. The hotel has successfully established itself as a fresh breath of air among the upscale hotel community. Taking its inspiration from the olden days of Arabia, Shaza aims to not only satisfy, but delight. Like its name, the hotel’s services and reputation have spread far and wide, being a treat for the senses and delighting all that it touches. Shaza pleases its guests in a similar way by treating them to unparalleled indulgence and luxury to ensure a memorable experience for all.

Shaza has a big chain of luxury hotels in the middle east. Looking to provide a truly authentic Arabian experience, all destinations of Shaza hotels come with their own charm and persona. The destinations include:

  • Shaza Al Madina
  • Shaza Makkah
  • Shaza Riyadh
  • Shaza Jeddah (opening soon)
  • Shaza Salalah (opening soon)
  • Shaza Doha (opening soon)

Each of the Shaza Hotels is equipped with authentic Arabian ambience, impeccably traditional architecture, expertly trained staff and the latest contemporary amenities to treat guests with the best. Shaza aims to indulge guests with the sensory experiences of traditional delights while treating them to modern day comforts, creating a memorably wholesome experience which will be recounted forever.

Derived from the rich luxuries of yesterday, Shaza’s offerings are as varied and charming as the commodities traded on the Silk Road. Some of the experiences on offer are:


Shaza hotels combine sophistication and style effortlessly in their living quarters. From rooms to suites, the hotels have an option for everyone. With largely muted hues and cultural artefacts such as calligraphy art and local furnishings, the hotels’ interiors showcase local talent at every opportunity possible. The complimentary tea and coffee stations show the cultural heritage of welcoming guests with a warm drink. The nightly turn-down service ensures guests are comfortable for the nightly rest.

The options of rooms to choose from include:

  • Deluxe
  • Deluxe Quad
  • Superior
  • Premium
  • Junior suite
  • Multi-bed suites
  • Tiara Suite
  • Dedicated Silk floors

Each of the rooms comes with a varying number of beds and other amenities depending on the room itself. However, the quality of life is not compromised in any living quarter; each is impeccably furnished and decorated with the finest material and comfortable linens for the beds. The Tiara Suites and Silk Floors take luxury to a whole new level. These luxury suites are adorned with the finest furnishings, separate kitchenette, office space and living room. These also come with their dedicated Morafik (attendant) to cater to the guests’ every need.


Dining at Shaza hotels is an other-worldly experience. True to their history, Shaza Hotels offer not just tasty food but a whole experience surrounding it. The ambience, sensory attraction, taste, aroma and sight of the food all play a part in making the culinary experience a delight. The restaurants include:

  • MeNa
  • Bistro
  • Midan
  • Shalimar
  • Arabesque

Each offers a distinctly unique form of cuisine particular to a certain region or form of culinary preparation. MeNa specializes in North African and Middle Eastern flavours. Bistro focuses on locally sourced food and flavours. Midan is an all-day dining restaurant alive with live cooking stations and the flavours of Middle East, Levant, India, Morocco, Turkey and other global favourites. Arabesque is another one with live cooking stations and fine-dining options from all over the Eastern sea-board. Shalimar is the quintessential tea lounge where one can put their feet up after a busy day and relax with a mocktail or the perfect tea suggested by the in-house Shai Basha.


The hotels house a number of wellness and fitness services, including:

  • Gym (separate for men and ladies in some destinations)
  • Spa
  • Hamams
  • Squash courts
  • Basketball courts
  • Heated swimming pools
  • Kids’ club

The wellness facilities allow the hotel to reflect a truly Arabic lifestyle full of relaxation and indulgence. While the children play at the Kids’ Club, the adults can spend their time sweating it out at the gym and later refresh themselves by taking a dip in the pool. For a truly laid back experience, try the spa services. From the world-famous Afiya foot massage to the authentic Moroccan Hamam experience, one is sure to leave the place with a fresh perspective and refreshed outlook.

Guest Services:

Top-notch Arabian hospitality is the name of the game at Shaza, and the brand prides itself on never falling back on its promise. The expertly trained staff is always at hand to provide the best services possible, and the unique dedicated guest services put Shaza at the top of the list for luxury hotel stays. The unique guest service offered by Shaza is the Al Morafik. In ancient times, Morafik was a man of the court in the East with the means to get things done. The modern version of this is the Al Morafik service of Shaza Hotels. Morafik is a dedicated personal attendant who has the ability to get things done at a snap of his fingers. Whether the guest requires something material or wishes to have a particular experience, the Morafik will see to it that they get their wish fulfilled. Only Shaza will bring you this modern genie in a lamp!

Shaza Hotels were founded based on a philoshophy of bringing the best of yester-years’ Middle Eastern luxury into the modern era of today. From their amenities and facilities to their services, they are fulfilling their promise. With three hotels opening in Saudi Arabia and Oman soon, their high standard of services will surely be boosted even more. Choose Shaza Hotels on your next Middle Eastern trip and experience true Arabic luxury at its finest.

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