How to Plan a Memorable Christmas Party for the Whole Family

Image result for family christmas free photosChristmas is around the corner. Perhaps you’re thinking of throwing an amazing Christmas party for your family who are coming in from far and near but don’t know how to go about it. You’re in luck! Here is a step-by-step guide on planning an unforgettable Christmas for your loved ones.

1. Prepare a Guest List

Have a list of all your potential guests. A guest list will be helpful when making decisions such as seating arrangements, location planning, meal options, quantity of utensils-plates, cutlery and glass cups- to be made available for guests and so much more.

Without a tentative guest list, it is impossible to plan correctly, as you’ll end up having done too little or too much. A family Christmas party will first have the names of all the family members, then close friends, neighbours, colleagues and their families (depending on your budget). This helpful app can help create a more organised listing platform for your guests.

2. Pick a Suitable Date

Choosing the right date is important and should be factored into your preparation schedule to ensure your guest list is accounted for.

Picking a weekend day in early December could help you avoid schedule clashes or you can decide to hold the party on the eve of Christmas to take advantage of the festive atmosphere. Send out the invitations early. The sooner the invitations are sent, the sooner you can know the guests that can make it and those who can’t.

3. Choose a Christmas Party Theme

There’s nothing like a party theme to get everyone in a festive mood. Choosing a theme can help in making decisions regarding your party components, thereby reducing the stress required to organise a Christmas party. Be it a classic Christmas party, or Santa Claus Soiree, your theme should go with your décor and food. There are many unusual and wonderful Christmas party themes to choose from.

4. Create and Send Out Your Invitations

Find the appropriate Christmas party invitation cards that go with your Christmas party theme choice. The cards should include information like the dress code, address, or party games details, so guests come prepared. Including a festive holiday sticker on your cards will put everyone in the holiday spirit.

5. Choose Your Location

Factors like budget, availability, number of guests, and theme will determine the choice of location for your Christmas party. For a more intimate family party or cost effective solution, you can hold the party in your home or the family home. You can also hold the party in a rented space such as a restaurant or a park. Reservations must be made early enough to evade falling behind schedule.

6. Plan Your Menu According to Budget

Set a budget for food and drinks according to the number of expected guests. If you want to be in control of everything, then plan your menu. Seek out one or two family members that can assist with the cooking. Christmas is about spending time with family, so being the party planner should not be a problem. All meals should be easy to prepare. Serving traditional Christmas meals like eggnog, cider, and Christmas cookies is also a great way to enhance the Christmassy feeling.

Alternatively, you can decide to hire a caterer. Call the catering service or restaurant to ensure that there is a wide variety of food options. For premium services the occasion deserves, it’s best to go with caterers go the extra mile with fresh farm produces and use innovative apps such as SafeFoodPro.

7. Decorations

There’s no Christmas without the traditional Christmas decorations. Since there’s a set theme in place, the decorations should complement it. All party decorations should be picked out and bought once a Christmas party theme has been chosen.

8. Outline Your Activities

Carry out your activities according to the chosen theme. Classic Christmas gameswill liven up the party as will engaging in Christmas Duets and carol singing.

A gift sharing exercise with Santa Claus–if it is within budget–will serve as a source of entertainment and bring happiness to both the children and adults.

9. Get Ready!

As soon as you set a date, start the preparations for the party. Make all necessary purchases as soon as possible especially if you’re ordering them online. Also confirm in advance if a friend or family member can help you with the decorations and meal preparation.