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How to choose a hosting for WordPress that does not leave you in the hand

by Editor (editor), , January 28, 2019

That is why it is important to choose your hosting plan well.

WordPress is a lightweight system and runs "theoretically" on any server that supports PHP and MySQL 5. Theoretically because there is a difference between working and working well. Although most "shared hosts" meet these requirements, the truth is that in order to have a site with optimized URLs and running fast - which is good for the user experience and positioning on Google - other factors influence. That is why it is important to choose your hosting plan well.

The problems

The last year some users reported problems when trying to update WordPress on servers with less than 40mb of memory. Therefore, it is good to be aware of this detail before choosing your hosting plan. You should choose the fastest WordPress hosting service if possible.

Shared server hangs up?

Of course, the quality varies from server to server and the complexity of the site also influences. To note, a site with multiple plugins doing various queries to the bank consumes more resources. In general, a shared server can run one or more WordPress sites well. To get an idea, a good shared server can handle, without problems, a well optimized WordPress site that has between 10,000 and 14,000 pageviews / day. The hard part is finding a shared host that is good.

Anyone who has sites hosted by the largest specialized companies in this country knows what I'm talking about. They are like the telephone companies: one can even have a little better service than the other, but the service of all (especially cost / benefit) is terrible. It seems like deep down they're fucking the customer. I thought that we would finally have a quality hosting company in our country, but even with it my experiences were not the best ... Regardless of whether you are going to hire a national or foreign hosting, it is important to stay tuned for some details that usually pass unnoticed during the choice of server and that can make all the difference.

Great control

One of the advantages of WordPress is the great control over how your site's URLs will be. In addition to the clear utility for SEO purposes, this is also great for usability. The point is that if your server does not have "mod_rewrite" enabled, bye-bye friendly URLs. This module is for rewriting URLs and is indispensable if you do not want the URLs of your site to look professional.

WordPress can run well on a shared hosting and relatively well-accessed sites can perform well in these environments. However, there are several details that can go unnoticed at the time of choosing the hosting company and they make all the difference. In general, many hosting services have left their users in some way and the price charged by large companies is not justified, if we compare with international hosting. After some time researching and working with local and international hosting, I have no doubt that it is better to choose one of the big US/UK hosting companies such as Hostadvice.

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