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A Beginners Guide To Forex Trading in 2019

by Alicia Hill (writer), , January 28, 2019

Forex trading is more lucrative than ever. You’ve probably heard stories of how people joined the foreign exchange market and had their lives change for good.

Forex trading is more lucrative than ever. You’ve probably heard stories of how people joined the foreign exchange market and had their lives change for good. Such often cloud the fact that forex is an extremely volatile market. You stand a chance of scooping big or losing everything depending on how adept you are at trading. So before dipping your toe in it, it is imperative to get acquainted with everything surrounding forex. In this beginners guide to forex trading are some great insights that will bring you closer to writing your own success story.

1. Learn the Currency Pairs

One of the crucial initial steps in learning how to trade forex for beginners is to know the currency pairs. In forex, currencies are traded in pairs often classified as majors, minors, and exotics. Major currency pairs are those that contain the USD and one of the most frequently traded currencies - the euro, Japanese yen, GBP, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, and New Zealand dollar. Minor pairs are those made up of the most frequently traded currencies excluding the USD. Exotic pairs are those that feature an exotic and one major currency.

In a pair, the currency that appears first is the base currency while the second one is called the quote currency. When trading, you purchase or sell the base currency in exchange for the quote currency. It is important to know when to trade a particular currency pair. The key is to not fixate on major currencies only since they tend to be more volatile despite offering more liquidity.

2. Find a Reliable Broker

Forex trading is full of risks as mentioned before. It involves trading against seasoned traders with cutting edge analysis tools. In addition, the foreign currency exchange market is decentralized and with no regulations. So before you begin investing big money, you need some form of protection in the form of a broker. A good broker will ease you into things giving you time to practice. Ask around especially in active forex forums to find reputable brokerage companies. Only sign up with those that are registered with accredited bodies like FSA, CTC, NFA, and ASIC among others.

3. VPS Hosting in Forex

As you learn how to trade forex successfully for beginners, there are some fundamental tools worth exploring. VPS hosting is one of them. To predict forex trends accurately and in a timely manner, you must be able to analyse data such as news reports, price charts, and market trends. Consequently, robust computing power, cutting edge software and adept technical skills become immediate needs. All that may be a far cry for beginners trading from a PC on a private network. Use VPS hosting for forex traders, a technology that delivers the much-needed latency, computing power, reliability, security, flexibility, and scalability. By providing the ideal trading environment at a cheap price, VPS hosting is an important consideration for every budding trader.

4. Use a Demo Account

Practicing forex trading in a demo account is an important learning strategy for every beginner. They help you in understanding forex trading for beginners through a practical approach. Thanks to technology, online brokers have been able to offer trial accounts that allow practice with fake money but in real life trading conditions. Trial periods often range from thirty days to a lifetime. You can, therefore, try out all the different strategies to find what suits you.

While you may have gathered important information in this forex trading made easy for beginners guide, caution is key in the forex market. Once you start, you’ll be going toe to toe with experienced traders from around the globe. So start small, be patient and find all the necessary tools and information that can help your trading career grow.

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