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How to Stay Clean After Addiction Rehab

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , January 22, 2019

Let's just be honest sobriety isn't always easy.

There is no gain without humility. You have to look at the big picture, not what may currently be affecting the circumstantial environment you may perceive as the norm. You have to have a drive and a want so greatly to step foot in that direction without letting anything, or excuse stop that dream. Do it because it's the only way and for self-love.

Amethyst recovery

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1. One day at a time

One day at a time-focus on the here and now, nothing more.

2. Easy Does It.

Easy Does It.- Change does not happen over night. Remember to breath once in a while.

3. Let go and Let God.

Let go and Let God.- You can not control everything. Patience is a virtue and faith is not only a religious term. You must have faith in yourself to make and continue seeing progress. Understand that letting go can and will improve your life.

4. Spirituality versus religion.

Spirituality versus religion.- These two words are not the same. Just ask your local dictionary. Sobriety holds the key to living the life you want. No hangovers. That's always a nice relief to let go of right?

5. Keep it Simple, Stupid.

Keep it Simple, Stupid.- Irony at it's finest. Simply put do not, I mean do not over complicate, overthink or overdo anything you cannot handle during your recovery process. Otherwise, you may cause your own difficulties that could potentially lead you right back to your ole pal relapse and we know a'int nobody got time for that as the old saying goes.

6. Progress, not perfection.

Progress, not perfection.- Nobody's perfect. You know it, I know it heck your mother and God know it. Don't be too hard on yourself. Be willing and watch the progress go it's just like learning a new sport or learning an instrument... patience!

7. Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes.

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes.- Do not sit and wait for some magical thing to happen, take action and watch the magic happen that you are creating. Make sure you take responsibility for your own actions and please do not blame others because eventually you'll wake up and see that at the end of the day you decided to say yes no one did it for you.

8. First things First.

First things First.- It is absolutley ok to say no, set boundaries and stay focused during this process. Haters trying to bring you down as Taylor Swift would say, "Shake it off." THink about the butterfly effect from cocoon to wings, but it's a process. Patience!

9. Faith without works is dead.

Faith without works is dead.- People who firmly beilive in the Lord know exactly what this means. For those who don't, it's simple. Through your own actions, not your words it can be shown that you are sober.

10. I am an Alcoholic.

I am an Alcoholic.- It's not to label you poorly it is simply put into place to provide union for the subject at matter and the people who are together going through the same issue at hand. My personal experience with this was not liking it term wise.

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