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6 Effective Ways To Increase Instagram Likes Fast

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer) , September 10, 2019

This guide will allow you to finally start feeling yourself like a fish in the water in the delicate world of Instagram likes.

Do you wish your account on Instagram to start a new life and start shining bright like a diamond as Rihanna sang? One of the essential questions though would be how to increase Instagram likes fast and this is what every Insta-user have to know to treat his page the right way and to make it grow with popularity more and more every single day. If you haven’t read this overview yet, you better do it, because here I raise the issues of a better understanding of why you need to increase the number of likes.

These small but yet effective smm secrets, I would better call them terms of a fast promotion, will help you make your publication much more attractive, to vitalize your fans and visitors with ways of interaction with them, thus turning your profile to a point of interest for many. These instruments are already proven and approved with the statistics and adopted by individual professionals and social media marketing agencies all over the world, so don’t hesitate - it’s really powerful!

Instagram, no doubt, is the one that sits on the throne if speaking of all the social media platforms of today! One of the doors leading to success on Instagram is the number of likes your photos usually get. Do your best to make a great shot, then upload it to Instagram and wait for people to appreciate your efforts with likes on it. How many do you score? 50, maybe 100? Are you happy with the result? I’m quite sure you wish to get more Instagram likes on photo. Today likes are a too rare animal to be caught easily - you have to create a certain strategy for every exact type of content and to consider the personality traits, habits and routines of account’s owner to succeed on it. Whether you are trying to collect more likes acting like an individual personal status or running a business account, this guide will allow you to finally start feeling yourself like a fish in the water in the delicate world of Instagram likes.

How to increase Instagram Likes?

  1. Buy Instagram Likes

Feel free to use this tricky-trick if you really need likes. Buy some time to time, but try to get it just after posting your photograph or movie - as soon as you got many, other users will see the sign of the majority’s approval and then will also start putting likes to it to take part in this action!

This is a guaranteed way to increase Instagram likes. Buying Instagram likes is what we always recommend to those at the very beginning. If you have just started your page and you don’t have enough organic audience to make your content look appreciated, thanks to buying likes you will receive sequential real likes from real people. After all, people tend to the herd instinct - people like what other people like! Remember that buying likes is a good start, but it will never be able to play the biggest role in the story of your success until your target organic users start getting involved.

2. Post descriptions should be brief but with a twist.

The overall progress’ underbelly is the fact that people are going more and more lazy and impatient, they want more and more entertainment and they want it here and now. They are here not to dig deep and understand a wide range of long and complex texts and to recognize implied meanings - therefore a long description is more likely to be given with only a quick glance then scrolling it forward with almost no attention to it.

3. Ask questions.

Ask what people like, what would they do if the situation on the photo is happening to them - this is another great way to increase likes from followers and even just strangers if the photo is catchy or viral. Questions should encourage people to share their opinion with the account’s audience. You can ask for help or advice as well - people are eager to give the best and most interesting answer.

4. Put likes and comment on other people's posts.

This is exactly what professionals mean when telling to be socially active. Sometimes you just need to establish two-way communication, especially if speaking about the Internet - I’m quite sure many of your followers, particularly if you have a lot, don’t even know who you are in real life. Even if someone likes what you do, it may be so that he doesn’t put likes on your posts just because he doesn't know you well enough. Take the first step to breaking such barriers - start putting likes to their publications so people will start feeling more comfortable, and perhaps even feel obliged to give you a mutual like.

5. Be funny.

Yes, it can be difficult, especially if a sense of humor is not one of your strongest points. But, as I just said before, people want entertainment, so make people smile - it is one of the proven ways to increase likes. Think about something funny or strange that happened to you or an uncomfortable situation you once got to, pick a funny picture, and write about it - it’s much like creating a meme. The biggest prize is to get reposted, thus to collect thousands of likes. Totally worth your efforts.

6. Posting content regularly is fundamental.

Figure out your best agenda to make posts daily and don’t miss it. People love attractive visuals either photos or videos, no matter the type is it must be original and look bright, you must think bold, new, fresh. An interesting or funny video is always a great way to get likes - add a story, an ironic question or a short description to it, so encouraging people to watch the movie. Intriguing your audience is your bread and butter, accompany it with something like "This video is so funny that I almost choked with laughter" - or - "I can not believe such things happen ... it must be seen with my own eyes!"

Tagging your friends and acquaintances on photos and videos is also a good way to get likes, and sometimes even new followers. Many are prone to narcissism, many are just waiting for others to focus their attention on them, no matter of its kind. People always come to see what they have been tagged on, in most cases they like the fact of being mentioned on photos (especially if these images are flattering), so start tagging and collecting likes.

These hints are all general, it means any user may find it suitable. If you want to get more likes, it is no more a problem - you can visit for example and buy likes with just a few taps. If paying a dollar is not what your plans are about, you are free to use free methods of getting likes, but it will take you to spend your time instead. Buying likes is absolutely safe, it gives a quick result if compared to any of free methods.

So, these are the most effective 6 ways to increase Instagram likes fast.

Guess you are already familiar to something from this list. But I hope you have found something new and useful for yourself as well. Feel free to give feedback on it and share this article in social networks - many will find it useful.

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