Tuesday, June 25, 2019

5 Beach Side Wedding Favours for Guests

A beachside wedding means exposure to more sun. The humidity of the area also leads to more sweating which might hamper your “groupies”.

Beach weddings… the term itself is so tempting that you just can’t resist with its vivacity and charms. Beach side weddings with a backdrop of glistening ocean, azure skies, and cheer all around, they are super fun and absolute favourite. But with all this exuberance comes the responsibility, the responsibility which you have to fulfil as the host for your guests. The charms of beach wedding are alluring but the sand, humidity and sweat in all of it might hamper your “picture perfect wedding”.So today we dedicate this post in discussing the five favours you can have for your guest while having a beach side wedding. The good thing is they are as luring as the wedding and the enticing Indian wedding cards for your wedding. So here it goes:

  • Sunglasses:

It’s like quite mandatory. It is one of the things you carry by yourself as well while strolling on the beach during daytime. Beach side wedding means it’s a day time wedding and you don’t want your guests to suffer because of sun rays falling directly. Also, guests wearing these stunning sunglasses gives you superb sunglass-tic wedding photos.

  • Umbrellas or parasols

Yes, they make as one of the most thoughtful favours and a perfect prop as well. Apart from saving yourself from the harmful rays of sun by providing shade, it also adds up to atypical decor element. Multi-coloured umbrellas or designed parasols in a single hue in sync with the colour of your wedding theme are all you need.

  • Pocket perfumes

A beach side wedding means exposure to more sun. The humidity of the area also leads to more sweating which might hamper your “groupies”. So, what’s a better way to deal with sweat smell and fell fresh as flowers than pocket perfumes? They are handy and a definitely a rational choice amongst all the wedding favours.

  • Cute and funky Flip-flops

It’s a beach wedding so expect so quirky favours in the whole list. Also, these flip-flops or slip-ons are kind of compulsory for beach side weddings. They are comfortable with that of shoes and hence offering the guests these as little favours is to ensure their absolute comfort. Also, this helps as perfect wear to show some groovy dance moves on the sand.

  • Hats

These are fun wedding props and you can definitely see some cute pictures of people flaunting these stylish hats while attending weddings. The good thing is they match with the vibes of the beach side wedding and adds up to perfect and thoughtful favour as well. So you can add these beauties too to your beach side wedding favours for your guests.

So, these are some little things that may not look like something big but is surely appreciated. With these little favours, you make the experience more joyous and comfortable for your guests. Also, some of these serve as the perfect wedding props for a perfect wedding selfie. So, set something more for your guests with these little favours for your beach side wedding.

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