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Should you install CCTV at your home?

by Becky (writer), , March 04, 2019

Last year, the total number of burglaries soared to new highs of around 400,000, of which more than half are estimated to have taken place in UK homes.

This huge increase comes after years of steady decline, meaning there now simply aren’t enough police resources to investigate every burglary that takes place unless there is enough forensic or CCTV evidence.

As theft crime levels continue to rise, now up 17% in just 2 years, Scotland Yard announced that they could no longer respond to burglaries if the suspect could not be easily identified. Victims are now mostly dealt with on the phone, hence why just 6% of burglaries result in a prosecution.

Will it prevent crime?

While CCTV in public places doesn’t seem to be hugely effective, if installed at your residence, a visible camera seems to be the biggest deterrent who anyone who may be planning to target your house. Police on the other hand advise that better lighting, intruder alarm systems and locks are more important in terms of security, although dummy CCTV systems could fool some thieves. Either way, having a camera installed in your home can only help the police solve crimes like robbery or burglary by identifying the criminals involved.

Data Protection Act

Many people will be unaware of the laws concerning what you are allowed to film and where your cameras can legally be positioned towards. Pointing your CCTV camera at the pavement, road or a neighbouring property could get you into serious trouble! If you are thinking about installing a security camera, it’s advisable to consult a specialist CCTV company who will be able to recommend the best position to ensure you don’t breach the Data Protection Act or certain Harassment Laws. As long as your reasons for needing to film and where the cameras are situated are justified, you shouldn’t have any problems. Just be careful not to film beyond the boundaries of your property.

Ease of use

A prominently displayed CCTV system installed by a professional and reputable firm can be a considerable advantage to the security of your property, in addition to being a deterrent to any would-be burglars. Not only that, but in this day and age, all modern security system footage can be viewed remotely on mobile phones or tablets, meaning you are able to monitor your property in real-time, wherever you are. And once installed, CCTV cameras require very little maintenance. You can rely on them to protect your home and family for many years with just the occasional wipe clean and check-up needed.

If installed correctly and used responsibly, there are many benefits of having CCTV camera systems for home owners. However, like with any security tool or technology, it is important to identify the correct type of equipment that is required and have it installed by an expert to ensure you aren’t breaking any laws. If you follow these guidelines, a CCTV system can only help ease your mind that your property, belongings and family is safe and secure.

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