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The Multi-Million Dollar Modest Fashion Market – The New Growth Driver for Luxury Brands

by Editor (editor), , January 11, 2019

There is a need for the conventional fashion industry to step away from traditional marketing models.

Religious and cultural inclinations may have birthed today’s modest fashion, but the ever-changing consumption behavior has evolved to a whole new stylish place. There has been a huge change in the attitudes of luxury fashion brands, as they are increasingly expanding their market to attract consumers who were barely considered in the past.

Indeed, there is a need for the conventional fashion industry to step away from traditional marketing models which have reigned supreme until now, and adapt to the evolving, increasingly diversified expectations of their target clientele.

Modest Fashion – More than a Religious Observance

Driven by social media, today’s e-commerce, and non-traditional marketing channels, modest fashion is gaining momentum. While it has commonly been associated with religious and cultural reasons, it is gaining more appeal among non-religious clients as well. In February 2018, the first Modest Fashion Week was hosted in London, featuring over 40 brands showcasing a variety of styles, ranging from hijabs to maxi dresses.

What this means is that fashion influencers and luxury brands now have greater awareness of the unique demands of today’s customer. The mentality is now changing, with veiled models now walking the runways without causing any upset, as is the case with older, transgender, or plus-size models today.

The Next Big Thing

The democratization of fashion and clothing today is not only causing major fashion labels to adjust their business models, it is starting to drive massive sales too. Studies have revealed that the modest fashion market is expected to grow by up to 50 percent by the year 2020, and this means billions of pounds in value. A study by Bain & Company noted that “cultures, sub-cultures and new consumption modes will appear” and according to the research, this changing fashion taste will eventually turn into a large-scale phenomenon.

The new young generation coming into the modest fashion market is unique – different from the millennials. These young modest-conscious individuals are digital savvy and are using social media to their advantage. They are keen to ensure fashion retailers – online and brick/mortar stores alike – engage with this new set of consumers in the world of fashion.

In this constantly evolving fashion world, the key to achieving success is ensuring you are a step ahead, looking at today’s consumer in a different light, and stepping off what has been considered the norm before now. The modest fashion market is the next big thing – and fashion brands and retailers must be proactive in mapping out unique strategies designed to target these consumers.

According to Forbes, the global modest fashion market is currently worth 44 billion dollars. Fashion labels like Nike and big retailers like Marks and Spencer have been making significant efforts to provide the soft silhouettes, high necklines, long sleeves, and flowing fabrics that the modest fashion community needs.

Today’s modest fashion consumer makes selections based on style, and takes inspiration from a variety of brand aesthetics. Empowered by the improved choice range, women who prefer modestwears can mix and match clothing pieces, choose from a wide range of brands, designers, textures, colors, and brands.

There is no singular appearance that defines modest fashion, as it is subject to the interpretation of different people based on their preferences. Modesty is a lifestyle, and today’s online world allow the growing number of women in this community to share their styles, views, and experiences. The modestwear consumer can now weigh her options as she learns about the perspectives and styling choices of others like her.

What we are seeing now is that there are no rules and boundaries in the modest fashion industry, so long as the expectation of the modestwear consumer is met with the styles and designs of fashion labels. The rest of it is left to this designers to come up with unique, disruptive ideas designed to reach their ideal clientele. The behavioral habits of the modern covered-up wear consumer is unique. As they are largely made up of young, digital-savvy individuals, they have established opinions about what fashion should feel like – no matter how modest it may be.

Good news is: in recognizing the impact of the modest fashion community, the big players in the world of fashion realize just how important modest-conscious individuals outside of the Middle East are. Yes, if your preferences revolve around modest styles and designs, you can now shop for your preferred clothing pieces at many hijab shops & hijab stores in UK & around the world. The modest fashion market is gaining momentum – and it is only savvy that fashion labels and retailers take notice.

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