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Do’s and Don’ts for Roof Marketing

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , January 10, 2019

Here’s a list of both Do’s and Don’ts which can really make roofers distinctive and extraordinary.

Are you a roofer who looks for a steady stream of business? There are many factors and strategies which can make your roofing company stand out of others. It doesn’t matter whether your company is smaller or larger, but the thing is to imply the rules properly to give it a kick-start.

There are not any hard and fast rules but it is also essential to know what not to do, in order to get the maximum positive results. Here’s a list of both Do’s and Don’ts which can really make roofers distinctive and extraordinary.

Do’s for Roof Marketing:

  • Use of Targeted Online Ads & Landing Pages

For each keyword, you can create targeted online ads and landing pages. It is certainly a powerful way to generate leads in your business.

  • The Winning Formula of Value

In today’s world, you can easily find numerous options for roofing which are just a click away. So, you need to make yourself stand out by challenging historically tried Four P’s marketing formula. And for that, you simply need to add formula of ‘Value’ to your marketing along with the product, price, place, and promotion.

  • Tackle with Google AdWords

Since thousands of people are looking for Ann Arbor roofing contractors for repairs, installments, and other maintenance issues, the need is to use AdWords properly which would target the interested audience by displaying effective advertisements, services, products, and video content.

  • Use of Free Inspections and Estimations

It is really important for your campaign that how you present your offer. If you offer free inspections and estimations, you open doors to a lot of opportunities.

Don’ts for Roof Marketing

  • Reliance on Weather Conditions

It’s a common mistake which most of the roofers do by relying on poor weather conditions to increase demand for their roofing services. It is really a pathetic approach to sit silently and let the external factors do it for you. As in the long run, you will certainly need other methods for making your roof marketing successful.

  • Relying on Few Clients

Instead of making their businesses expand and having multiple clients, roofers generally end up having one or two big clients. This can put the whole business into a threatening situation. If the relationship with clients gets sour, you will be repressed under huge debts.

  • Lack of Skills

Today, it has become a huge challenge to find skilled roofers for your roofing. That’s where the problem lies. Instead of focusing on improving skills, the young generation is found to be least interested in the trades. Moreover, the old labors with multiple skills are being kicked out of the work continuously.

  • Ineffective Campaigns

Most of the roofing contractors spend a huge amount of money on ineffective campaigns online without having any idea about the results. So, just spending money doesn’t guarantee any success in the business unless and until your campaigns are effective.

If you follow these do’s and don’ts carefully, it is more likely that your roofing business will start growing rapidly.

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