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10 Website design recommendations

by Sandeep Kumar (writer), Delhi, February 19, 2019

Follow these 10 guidelines to create great websites for your client

1. Keep it simple: Stuffing of too much into each page creates loads of confusion which frustrates when they have to scan through rows of links and images to locate what they are searching for. Keeping your web page simple, your website will be user-friendly and easier to use.

2. The design is paramount: As it is rightly said that ‘First impression is the Last impression’, the same is true for your website. The overall look and feel of your website is the very first aspect your visitors will notice, which will motivate them to take positive action and return to your site often for making purchases. So your site should have an eye catchy and attractive design to appeal the visitors instantly.

3. Navigation should be intuitive: Any visitor visiting site wants to locate the product or services for which they logged in. It frustrates them if they are unable to find out what out the things they intend to buy from your site easily. So to make the site user-friendly pages should be well organized with top-down designs so that visitors can easily browse through various sections of your site without any fuss.

4. Consistency is vital: There must be consistency in the designs of your site and every time the visitor's visit should feel familiar with the designs. In fact, they should not feel like they are visiting new website each time they open a new page on your site. With consistent designs all over the pages within your site makes the navigation a cake walk affair.

5. Colors are vital: Colors of your website can cast a huge impact on your visitor’s decision. In fact, they can make or break a website. Websites with gaudy and unpleasant colors are often neglected by the visitors at very first instance. Make use of the consistent palette of colors that do not clash and make sure there is a robust contrast effect between the text and the background.

6. Make your website responsive: In today’s world of smartphones and gadgets majority of people access the website using mobile phones. So your web site should be designed to provide good web experience to a wide variety of devices – from smartphones to desktops computers making your site display correctly on different sizes. One can incorporate CSS media queries to implement responsive website design.

7. Develop the site for multiple browsers: Ensure to check your website in multiple browsers to make sure that everything appears correctly. It is always better to catch problems beforehand rather than getting complaints from your visitors later on.

8. Check the site for errors: Even great websites fail because of minor errors. Check the websites frequently for typos, broken links and images that do not load correctly as all these aspects do not provide good user experience.

9. Write your own code: Write the code from scratch – be it HTML or PHP. If your site is built from templates and pre-written scripts, you will not get any idea in case something goes wrong. If you are coding your own page, you have full control over how they look and act.

10. Content is the king: Even if the site is attractive, designed beautifully, without content it is only an empty covering. A web site with informative and interesting content entices the visitors and create trust and confidence in their mind as regards to your products and services. So a good website should have great design and great content. Ensure that the pages have authentic and original content that makes them worth visiting.

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