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Financial And Non-Financial Aspects To Consider When Choosing A Payday Loan Affiliate Program

by Editor (editor), , January 10, 2019

There are several financial aspects that can be expected from the most advantageous cooperation:

When it comes to choosing a payday loan affiliate program, the aspect that is likely of primary concern to any affiliate website is the financial one. Indeed, this is the primary and immediate way in which the affiliate can assess the benefit and potential of cooperation with the affiliate program. Nevertheless, this aspect alone is not enough to define a reliable affiliate program as implicit from the Leadsgate website, a market leader in this sector. Non-monetary aspects can also be of high relevance – both financial and non-financial considerations are listed below.

Financial Aspects

There are several financial aspects that can be expected from the most advantageous cooperation:

  • high profit per lead. Big profit can mean you can earn more than $200 for some of the most profitable loans you contribute to;
  • paying for declined leads (such client information can still be useful). Here, it matters how much the affiliate programs pay for such leads, with top programs paying 5-15% more than the competition;
  • paying for return clients. This is the most profitable type of clients for any network of lenders but not every affiliate program is generous enough to reward their affiliates each time a return client comes for another loan – this is a good starting point for filtering out existing options. Given that in a big pool of clients a number of return clients is almost guaranteed, this is a good means to start building passive income;
  • the possibility to earn from each of the partners you refer to the affiliate program – this is another means to build your passive income over time and to benefit from a long-term partnership by obtaining a special and privileged status among affiliates. Less generous programs tend to pay back only 3% for any referred partners, while more generous ones – even 5%.

Non-Financial Aspects

Apart from the income potential, there are a number of other features/ competences/ benefits that matter a lot in any affiliate program considered:

  • a vast network of cooperating lenders and a significant market share – this would ensure the reliability and stability of the business operations and better resilience to market shocks;
  • flexible technical solutions when it comes to implementing referrals on your website – this could involve redirecting the client to the website of the affiliate program, using an API or JavaScript form, direct transfer of lead information;
  • real-time reports and analytics to monitor the traffic and the overall dynamics/ productivity;
  • high safety standards with regard to client data storage and processing. Given that very sensitive information is being manipulated, the appropriate safety practices need to be in place in order to prevent data leaks or hacking (SSL encryption and confidentiality policies are standard practices in this respect). The affiliate program should be able to offer the necessary consultancy/ advice with regard to such policies;
  • a continuous support line for discussing any potential issues regarding any area of cooperation, including consultancy with regard to loans (e.g. legal aspects), technical aspects, etc;
  • payment method flexibility. A top affiliate program would normally have several methods of payment in place for transferring the amounts earned by its affiliates in a convenient manner: such methods include PayPal, Web Money, ePayments, Wire Transfer, etc.

To conclude, although the decision of choosing a payday loan affiliate program is based mostly on the financial aspects, paying attention to the quality of support and other aspects can prove equally relevant in the long term and should never be ignored.

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