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Print Marketing Strategies That Still Work

by Editor (editor), , January 11, 2019

there are still a few print strategies out there that you can use to make your marketing campaigns that much more effective. Here are some print marketing strategies that still work.

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As business and society begin to become more digitized, a bigger focus is being placed upon digital marketing and SEO. Hiring an SEO consultant can do wonders for a business in terms of generating leads and expanding their brand awareness. Unfortunately this reliance on digital marketing has made print marketing fall to the wayside. While digital marketing seems to be the crown jewel of marketing campaigns, a strong and effective marketing campaign should be well balanced and include multiple areas of marketing and advertising. Thankfully, there are still a few print strategies out there that you can use to make your marketing campaigns that much more effective. Here are some print marketing strategies that still work.

Business Cards and Flyers

Business cards and flyers have many upsides with a very limited amount of negative qualities. For example, they are small, easily portable, and easy to distribute. In addition, they can fit a surprisingly large amount of information relative to their size, and are more than capable of getting your intended message across. Finally, they are extremely cheap to make and relatively easy to mass produce, making them a print marketing strategy that is still viable to this day.

Traditional Mail

Some businesses may forsake traditional mail in favor of email, but that probably isn’t a wise decision. Traditional mail, also called snail mail, can still be an effective method of reaching consumers even in today’s digital environment. This method of marketing offers a direct method of communication that the consumer is almost guaranteed to see. It also is a much more personal form of marketing, something that makes the consumer feel valued and important. Finally, traditional mail allows you to get creative with design, allowing you to use various imagery and copy in any way that you feel will best attract new customers. All of these positives come at a typically low price, making traditional mail a very attractive inclusion to your marketing efforts.


The granddaddy of print marketing, the billboard is bold and guaranteed to quite literally turn some heads. A single billboard can reach thousands of people in a single area and provides your business with a massive creative canvas. However, billboards are typically costly and people can become blind to them if they are not regularly updated. Not to mention their effectiveness is limited to a certain area, meaning you must plan accordingly. Even with these negatives, with solid planning and creativity a billboard or two can generate a massive amount of leads, increasing both your profits and your brand awareness.

Print Media

When thinking of print marketing, newspaper and magazine advertisements are probably one of the first things that come to mind. Unfortunately, print media seems to be declining as news is shifting to digital consumption. However, this doesn’t mean that advertising in print media is completely useless. Many people still use print media, and advertising in print media can especially be useful if you’re target market is older in age. With the right deal and advertisement, print media can be a cost effective way to spread word about your business.

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