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Different Kinds of Custom Web Applications to Grow Your Company

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , January 04, 2019

Check out the different categories of web applications that are popular among entrepreneurs.

There are several web applications in the market that could be very useful for your business. If you wish to keep your business organised and simplify your tasks, you will require custom web applications.


It is good to have some knowledge about the common variations in web applications that are used by different business owners. When you have a skilled developer and a strong idea you can easily create a web application of your dreams. There are a handful of categories in the market. We will try our best at categorising them in this article. Check out the different categories of web applications that are popular among entrepreneurs.

Content Management System

Most of the modern websites require a Content Management System. Having just a few pages in the website is no longer a reality. If you want to have a successful business website that has the potential to bring sales and new leads, you need to keep updating your content. It could be done in several different forms like special reports, white papers, videos, blog posts, and so on.

If you are not a web developer but you need to update the content, it is best to use a CMS. You can custom build a CMS keeping the means of content publishing and business needs in mind. The market has some great CMS packages that are either paid or free.

Customer Relationship Management System

Most businesses will require a system that helps them keep a track of vendors, referrals, clients, customers, prospects, and other stakeholders. In such cases, the CRM tool can be very handy. Depending on the needs of your business, you must go for the CRM tools that are already available or get one custom designed.

Business Process Automation System

The specific tasks to process of a new business need to be dealt properly in order to make the company big. When you get a call from a new client, you might process it with the help of paper forms, an online calendar, your Smartphone, or other software tools. Sometimes, you may end up using a combination of all of these tools.

If you do your business in this way, it could end up being very inefficient. There will also be a higher chances of user error. Such tasks can be automated, but you might just end up hiring an employee to get it done manually.

Opting for custom software development will be very useful in making the business more efficient. It will also aid you in adding more value-added activities, allowing your employees to focus on important tasks, and saving more money. You will get all these benefits while you make more money.

Business Process Automation System is readily used in the dental industry. Dentists use specialised software for managing their practice. They might also such tools for marketing automation, like referrals, follow ups, automating lead generation, etc. When both the tools can communicate with each other, there will be no need of having staff members to manually enter information as it could waste a lot of time and money at the cost of causing errors. Therefore, such a tool has a role to play in building a bridge between two essential tools.

Paperless Office

Paperless Office is quite a well-known custom software web application in the market. Most industries use filled with paper forms and similar documents that are necessary for driving the business. People need to fill out forms, have it reviewed, and later stored so that it can be reached easily.

Having an application that can replace all of this would be a great way to optimise a company. The best part about having such a software application is that all the documents will be accessible from any part of the world.

Online/Ecommerce Store

For many businesses, some part of the revenue is derived from selling products. Having an online store is appreciated, especially when it can be added to the existing website of the company. Simple solutions are already there in the market. But, few complex businesses with complicated requirements will need a custom ecommerce tool. It is always better economically to customise your existing platform to fit your current needs, rather than building an online store from scratch.

Membership Site

There are many individuals who want to share their information or knowledge to others in the form of teaching. Having a membership website can be quite useful in such a case. If you are known for providing training in a specific type of industry, you can use an online membership site that could provide the training in such a way that allows students to learn at their own pace.

You can earn a good amount of revenue from such an application if you have a good number of members and ask for a reasonable fee.

These are just a few ideas that can end up being useful for a business. The market also has existing solutions. Depending on your plans, you can choose to implement custom web application to your business.

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