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Tips To Create a Smashing YouTube Thumbnail

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , December 28, 2018

Well, is this really what you want your viewers to see on your YouTube channel?

YouTube Thumbnails are like the backbone of the online videos. It is like the book covers of the online video world. Our decision whether to watch a particular video often depends on its thumbnail. An eye-catching thumbnail draws our attraction towards it whereas we ignore the boring one. And that's why it is the most crucial aspect of any YouTube video. It makes a video more attractive and has a great impact in terms of the views on the videos.

So, what does it takes to create a smashing YouTube thumbnail that seals the deal?

YouTube Default Thumbnails

When you upload a new video on YouTube, it provides you with 3 thumbnail choices as soon as the video finishes processing. They are pulled out randomly from your video so unfortunately, you have little control over the choice to be made. And if you are thinking of selecting one from them, let me tell you that they are not at all so pretty. Well, is this really what you want your viewers to see on your YouTube channel?

Custom thumbnail

Custom Thumbnail can really boost viewership on your videos. And if you want your video to be a simple one, you could just manually choose YouTube Thumbnail as a still from your video and let me tell you how:

- Pick a Frame: In your YouTube, open up your video and scrub to the specific still in your video that you'd like to use as the thumbnail for your video.

- Take a Screenshot: Many video editing applications are available which lets you save still image or you can even use your operating system's shortcut.

If you are operating with Mac, all you have to do is, Command+shift+4, then use your mouse to drag a frame around the area you wish to capture the screenshot of. the image will be saved to your desktop itself. And it is even more simple in windows, all you have to do is, press Windows key + print screen.

- Upload: once you have chosen a still image, upload it to YouTube via the edit page and your thumbnail from the video will be created and set according to your choice.

Full screen’s Thumbnailer

Well, If you are looking for even more easier solution then, the full screen creators can use the thumbnail feature on our creator platform application for IOS to choose a great and attractive still image for your thumbnail, add text, borders, filters and more.


Well, that's all the tips to create smashing YouTube thumbnails. Now, you could start creating the thumbnail for your amazing YouTube videos and make it even more impressive and attract a lot of viewers towards it. So, just follow this method and start exploring on YouTube. And if you are good with any image editing software or Photoshop, you could also use them to try a few more things which make your thumbnail stand out. Now get started on your next thumbnail and watch the views roll in.

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