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5 Inexpensive Dorm Room Decor Ideas

by Rip Van Winkle (writer), , January 21, 2019

Make no mistake, when you invite me over to your dorm room, I'll be judging your style.

Think of a dorm room as an extension of your personality: Every poster, every painting and even the furniture reflects who-you-are to your guests. In effort to separate you from the other 40,000 students that have "unique" beer replicas hanging in their dorms, I have created a list of 5 inexpensive dorm room ideas.

Go to Thrift Shops

Don't let the stigma of shopping at a thrift shop send you running for the hills. Thrift shops have two main advantageous to you. They have unique items accompanied by a cheap price tag. Enter the doors of a thrift shop and you'll find artifacts from many decades that turn dorm rooms from bland to being too cool for school. A couple of Ideas for you:

    ·Check the shelves for old records to hang on the walls.

    ·Buy old skirts, cut them up and make curtains out of them.

    ·Check the knick-knack section; you'll be surprised what turns up.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Everybody loves sharing pictures of their life; hence the success of social media. A great way to add flavor to your room and showcase your life is to turn your wall into a gallery. Arrange your pictures in cool designs (A heart, a circle etc.) and continuously add to your collection. Pictures are so telling of your life and will always be a conversation piece.

Multipurpose Furniture

Dorms rooms are small; this is no surprise. A great way to maximize your space and add your own style is to purchase multipurpose furniture. There are regular tables that double as pool tables. There are sofas that double as beds. (Think futons and pull out couches.) There are even lofts you can purchase to raise your bed and maximize even more space. When you have multipurpose furniture, not only do you save space and lessen the feeling of clutter and claustrophobia, but you are able to effectively make your room extremely unique. Deals are always available for those who look; keep your eyes open and you'll be surprised as to what you find.

Buy Art Online

The beauty of today's age is we are exposed to all sorts of really unique art thanks to the wonders of the internet. Sites like are a great resource to use when looking to purchase independent art at a fair price. Listen, everyone has the same beer pong and the generic "College" posters. Utilize the internet to find unique art that will instantly make you stand out from the crowd. A cool personal style is a universally respected trait. While online, check out, Wall Decor Ideas: That Will Make Your Room A Hit! you'll be surprised what you learn.

Use Social Media for Inspiration

Pintrest fans, this one is for you. There are so many unique and creative ideas floating around on Pintrest; you owe it to yourself to become familiar. Ideas such as painting old cups to create a certain style, to using old silverware trays as a small item organizer, all the way to providing ideas for simple crafting projects; Pintrest is a great resource to use to become inspired. Utilize social media for inspiration so you can have the most creative dorm room your university.

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