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Dream House Backyard

by Editor (editor), , December 22, 2018

Here are some ideas for a gorgeous backyard that’ll make you avoid the indoors with all your might.

Backyards are the most important advantage of a life in a house instead of in a flat. They can be simply magical. You can choose to make your yard practical or to transform it into a fairy-tale site. In any case, you can spend many happy hours out in the open, breathing fresh air and enjoying the sunlight. Here are some ideas for a gorgeous backyard that’ll make you avoid the indoors with all your might.

1. A place to chill

The first thing all of us need is a place to chill after a long day, so that’s what you need to make as a part of your dream backyard. Do it in any way you like. Why not get that hammock you’ve always wanted? If you’d like to have enough space to bring guests over for a glass of wine and some gossip, find some really comfy outdoor furniture and make the atmosphere extra comfy by adding an outdoor carpet and some beautiful oversized pillows. Whatever you do, make sure the place is the comfiest in the world, and it’ll be something to look forward to during the more stressful days.

2. Al fresco dining place

Al fresco is all the rage right now - and with good reason, too. Imagine getting up in the beautiful summer morning, and sitting down in your beautiful green backyard with a cup of tea and a nice breakfast to start your day well. Fancy, right? Why not go for a romantic dinner with your significant other under the starry sky? Outdoor dining is a brilliant way to get some fresh air and a bit of that outdoorsy Zen we all so desperately need.

3. A swimming pool

Swimming pools are fun and good for your health. Swimming is a fantastic exercise, and more than welcome after a day spent at a desk in front of a computer. The water also oozes some kind of serenity that makes us think more clearly and feel better and more peaceful. Plus, you can simply chill next to the pool, and drink your margarita in peace, listen to the water, and relax.

4. A green swimming pool

Green swimming pools are a relatively new concept that solves the aesthetic problem of regular swimming pools. Imagine working very hard on your beautiful green and flowery yard, only to have a huge blue water cube sticking out in the middle of your garden. Green swimming pools look more like ponds, and because of that fit in better with more natural-looking gardens. They give the space a kind of a jungle atmosphere, which can look very exotic. Check them out, you may like them!

5. Some shade

Of course, for the warmer months, you’ll need some shade. It doesn’t matter whether you are swimming, chilling, or eating; you need to be protected from the sun. If you have trees that are tall and wide enough to provide shade, that’s great. If you don’t, consider some alternatives. Pergolas, awnings, and shade sails are all good options, and it depends on your budget and the general style of your backyard which one you’ll choose. Find a company with a wide variety of products, like the excellent Malibu Shade, and find something that works for you.

For example, if you have a swimming pool, you absolutely need shade, to avoid sunburns or even worse, sunstroke. You can use umbrellas, which are great because they’re usually portable and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Shade sails are super useful and can look quite fancy, and you can remove and store them with very little trouble. Pergolas are fantastic if you’re going for the return-to-nature kind of vibe because they look breathtaking if you let some climbers grow over them. There is an option for every kind of backyard, so see what looks best in the given environment, and go for it.

6. A fire feature

Fire features are fantastic for a bit of added luxury. Make an outdoor fireplace, so you can enjoy reading next to a crackling fire even when it’s too hot to have a fire inside. Fire pits are a great idea as well, and they can be even more useful. You can roast marshmallows over the fire with your family and make a little s’more station. You can make hot dogs or corn on the cob. It’s fun and it’s unusual, and everyone will enjoy it.

7. An outdoor kitchen

If you live in a country that has a lot of hot days a year, you know what a pain it is to cook inside during summer. If you make an outdoor kitchen, you won’t have to heat your home needlessly. It can save you some money on the electricity bills, and you can still make delicious home-cooked food for your family!

8. A tree house

Even though we usually connect tree houses with childhood, you should know that they can be very grown-up looking. You can make one as your place to chill, or a place to run to if you have too many problems. It can be your safe haven from the daily stress. It can be a kind of a place where you go when you want to practice your hobbies which are too messy to be done indoors, like painting or pottery. Of course, you can absolutely make one for your children to play in, and then adapt it to your needs once your kids have grown up.

9. A place for children

Finally, if you have little ones, you can make a place for them. Depending on their age, it can be a sandbox, a playground, a tree house, or a reading corner. Think about what your kids like and how best to accommodate the backyard to their needs. They will love it, and it may keep them from staring at their computers too much!

Hopefully, you liked some of these suggestions. Try them out, and remember – the person who has to approve of your yard is none other than yourself. Therefore, please yourself, and you’ll be happy with whatever you do.

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